Monday, 17 December 2012

10 Of My Dream Lolita Dresses

I was going to do another Fashion Round-Up about Lolita but Lolita fashion is rather a large have to split it into all the separate styles you like and would wear in real life, then go from there. I got the basic Gothic, Punk and Bittersweet (just sweet prints in black/dark colours) but I thought I'd take a look at the kind of dresses that are on my wishlist. I have a rather large wishlist of dresses I love but this is partly so I can pick and choose a dress that suits my budget when it eventually comes to buying brand. I will definitely buy brand in the near future but I just can't see the point of dropping £300 on a dress...£200, yes, especially if it is very good condition or a rare print but you can easily find dresses just over £100 second hand and on auction sites.

Anyway, let's take a looksie!

Angelic Pretty - Merry Making Party in black

I have absolutely adored this dress ever since I saw this photo of, to me, the epitome of bittersweet Lolita.

 I want to look like her in every way! I think the AP Engineer boots are sooo cute too!

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Dolly in red or pink

I really, really love this dress too and wouldn't mind it in red, pink or maybe even purple/lavender - they would all equally look great with black! I would definitely wear them with a black blouse, black tights, coloured shoes to match the dress colour and the matching hair bow. I think it'd look so cute but I wonder if it'd feel too bright for me? I'd love to try it on before purchasing but chances of that happening are slim.

Alice & the Pirates - Masquerade Theatre Print JSK in navy or black

This is wonderfully opulent and elegant - I did like it in red/bordeaux too but I'm not fond of the white ruffles/detailing on the bodice that contrasts a bit too starkly for me. I think I'd prefer this in navy so I have a bit more colour in my wardrobe.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Baby Cafe Print Doll JSK in black & pink (Framboise milk?)

This is amazingly detailed and luxurious and I don't think it'd be too bright for me either. I love all the ruffles, bows and the combination of stripes and spots. There is a girl selling it for approximately £200 at the moment and I'd love to buy it but I can't afford it right now - maybe in a month or so, so I hope she still has it!

Innocent World - British Bear JSK

I fell in love with this the moment I laid eyes on the skirt in Vol. 5 of the English Gothic & Lolita Bible. I really love this enough to want it and would wear it with a black or white blouse - I think I'm okay with red as far as dark colours go. It's just so classy and beautiful, I love the tartan pattern!

Angelic Pretty - Glitter Playing Cards JSK in grey

This is a wonderfully classy piece from Angelic Pretty that has such a pretty print - I love card suit motifs!

Angelic Pretty - Macaron Tartan Rider in pink

This is amazingly cute and punky - I love the vest style bodice but it looks like this is so hard to find! >_< Maybe I could make a similar piece myself by attaching a vest/waistcoat pattern bodice to a gathered, asymmetrical skirt with black tulle ruffles peeking out on one side - cute!

Alice & the Pirates - Alice's Never Voyage Skirt in black/blue

I really love the punky, asymmetrical look of this skirt too and am more fond of it than the dress with the long sleeves and apron. I adore the print and think it'd look amazing with more casual coords too!

Innocent World - Chandelier OP in grey

This is another dress I spotted in my first ever issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible and is just sooo gorgeous and classic! It's made from thicker fabric too so is awesome when it turns a bit chillier and could even be worn to more mainstream occasions such as Christmas parties, cocktail gatherings and other social events.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Alice Bambi Print JSK in black

This is an amazingly beautiful piece by Baby and who doesn't love a good Alice print? I love the traditional woodblock images of Alice in Wonderland and the gorgeous chiffon fabric makes it look so floaty and light.

I think I will definitely do more of these posts as I love window shopping for dresses until I can actually buy them! And everyone loves drooling over pretty dresses. Do you have a dress that you would give your right arm to have, my lovely readers? I'd love to see photos!


  1. I love the last two dresses! I've always wanted something with the... 7 Keys by BTSSB? I'm not sure about the name. I saw a stunning A-line skirt with this print on beige cotton. I eventually got at least a tote bag in pink, but it's nowhere near as pretty as the skirt was.

    1. Wow, that sounds absolutely lovely! I'm not very good on print names though, unless they're super well known - I have a Notepad document with the names of dresses I'd love to own, so I don't forget, ha ha! My first brand item was a Baby tote bag, it's really pretty! But I know what you mean...I don't think I will consider myself owning brand until I have an actual dress or skirt!