Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Reviewette: Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

Another reviewette today! Why? Well, I have been hoarding freebies from Korean cosmetics purchases and I figured I might as well use them! So I used a couple the other day and want to write about the experiences before I forget details! So today we have Lioele's V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack! What is a sleeping pack? It's basically a slightly thicker moisturising formula that you apply in a thick layer before going to sleep, massage it in a little so it doesn't cover the bedsheets and sleep in it! It is supposed to work with your skin whilst it repairs itself overnight to make your skin plumper, more youthful, hydrated, etc. - whatever the particular benefits are of the sleeping pack you're trying!
Brand: Lioele
Name: V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack
Price: Around $16 (About £10)
Where to buy: Keauty Store,,

This sleeping pack's benefits include reducing swellings, redness and irritation, moisture-release (???), making a softer, smoother canvas for applying make-up and that you don't have to wash it off in the morning.

Cute yet classy Lioele packaging again, with their trademark blue and pink colour scheme and hatched, bling background. Again, unfortunately this freebie only had enough product in for one application.
Okay, so as previously stated, to apply a sleeping pack, simple apply it the same way you would a moisturiser, only in a slightly thicker (or a lot thicker, depending on you and your skin!) layer and massage it in to absorb it a little before going to sleep. This V-line Waterdrop sleeping pack has a unique characteristic in that as you massage it in, little water droplets form on your skin! No joke! I read some reviews and product descriptions at first and thought it may be slightly exaggerated but as I was massaging it in, I noticed some water droplets on my cheeks. At first I thought I hadn't dried my face properly (I had just come out of the bath) but I remembered the characteristic! Quite cool! This is also an indicator as to when you have massaged it in enough; massage it in until little water droplets form, then massage it in a tiny bit more to simple get rid of the water droplets.

There is not much scent to this product and it is a very light blue colour - in small amounts, it does look like water droplets if they had colour. It is also very, very lightweight - after massaging it in, it felt like I had just splashed my face with water. I think because of this texture and the gel like formula this is good for all skin types as it doesn't irritate or hydrate too much or too less.

So, I went to sleep in this pack and woke up with my skin feeling pretty normal to be honest - it feels a lot softer, smoother and more hydrated at the moment because of the awesome skincare routine I'm rocking but it didn't feel much different using the sleeping pack. Maybe a little softer? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure whether it may have been a little less effective because I massaged it in, then got distracted for 45 minutes before actually going to bed and sleep. I wonder if it works a bit better starting to repair and help your skin immediately after you use it?

I'm not sure if I would try this again as I don't know if it had little to no effect because I left it 45 minutes before going to bed, or if it just wasn't very effective. I've read a couple of reviews of different sleeping packs and some people say not many are that great or give extremely noticeable results. It's a shame really, I had this idea of a super miracle product that, when I wake up, my skin is super hydrated, plump, soft, brighter and paler (in whitening sleeping packs) than when I went to bed! I would give this a 3/5 but would definitely give it another shot if I happened to receive another freebie of it.

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