Monday, 5 November 2012

Reviewette: Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel

Hello! I have a teensy tiny review today of a freebie I received when buying a BB Cream on eBay for myself. ^^ As this is a reviewette, only one photo of the packaging and a short opinion of what I think of it! Sometimes in freebies you get enough product for a couple of applications but I only got enough for one application in this one so I'll do my best in reviewing it! ^^
Brand: Lioele
Name: Multi Seaweed Gel
Price: $15 on Koreadepart, $24 elsewhere and £24 on Amazon! :o
Where to buy: Koreadepart,,

This boasts over 90% seaweed extract and is a lightweight gel so is great for moderate hydration and sensitive skin.

I think this has pretty cute packaging! It's a change from cutesy pink or fruit shaped packaging and is instead a cool blue, white and pink! It has Lioele's trademark hatched background that manages to look blingy and luxurious too!
This is a very lightweight gel type of moisturiser that I am sure many of you are familiar with. It has an inoffensive, clean smell that isn't too fragranced, therefore it doesn't irritate sensitive skin (well, not mine anyway!). As it's light, it's very easy to apply in a thin layer and a little goes a long way. There wasn't much left when I applied a thinnish layer all over my face so I just used the rest of it up to apply a slightly thicker layer. The consistency is self-sufficient and thick but lightweight and fluffy - it doesn't drip off of your finger. It feels lightweight on the skin and is moderately quick to absorb.

After applying and it absorbing into my skin, it felt nourished and soft but it didn't feel any more or less softer/smoother than my usual moisturiser. I think I would have to continuously apply this to see or feel any difference between my snail moisturiser.

All in all, this is a lightweight gel moisturiser great for all skin types - I have dry skin but this nourished enough for me; it is also great for sensitive skin as seaweed is very soothing and doesn't aggravate skin and is good for oily and acne-prone/problematic skin as it doesn't hydrate too much, strip skin of its natural oils or clog pores. This is a nice, inoffensive moisturiser that is fine for moderate moisturising and is relatively cheap to buy (from Koreadepart) so if you want to try this, I can't think of any reason not to! 4/5 from me as there is nothing wrong with it but I wouldn't buy it again as I feel there are better moisturisers for my skin out there.


  1. Snail moisturiser you say? :)
    Sounds kinda yuck? :D

    Thanx for the review <3


    1. It's really good! At first I was put off but it doesn't feel or smell like snail mucus. It repairs and soothes your skin so much, whatever your skin type or problems. You know how snails don't seem to have cuts or nicks, or they can slide over sharp objects without being harmed? This benefit is applied to our skin using products with snail mucus in - skin is more elastic, bright, repaired, even in terms of colour and texture, etc.

      I sound like a sales lady now, haha! Thank you for your comment!