Saturday, 10 November 2012

Personal Update - Pokemon, Nail Polish, Parties & More!

Hey everyone! How are you all today? I have been pretty busy this past week; I have done lots of crafting and had to wake up at 6am on Wednesday to go to Manchester and do some shopping and sushi with my Lolita friends too so I was soooo tired! Not only did I have like, 4 hours sleep, I was ready an hour earlier than anticipated and had, for some reason, purchased an off-peak train ticket, which meant I had to catch an hour later train than planned too! I serioously swear that I got the same ticket I always do though... -_- I would have enjoyed an extra two hours in bed! T_T

Anyway! I thought I would just update you with some things I have purchased recently, photos I have taken, etc. etc! I have a load of photos of Asian snacks and stuff I buy whenever I go to my local Chinese supermarket...I was wondering if anyone would like a kind of haul post with what I think of the snacks? I'm not sure! ^_~

 I have been reminiscing about when I used to play Pokemon games on my Gameboy Advance so slowly I have been trying to start up again! I have bought a Gameboy Advance to use as a back-up and to trade Pokemon on and am looking for a Gameboy Advance SP to use properly as the screen is much brighter and it's easier to decoden! ;) But I started off by buying Pokemon Silver for £10 in my local market! I couldn't decide between Gold or Silver but Lugia is pretty awesome! There was also Red but I'm trying to get Pokemon Blue cheaper on eBay! It's so hard though, they go over £10 all the time! D:< I also got a clear case for Pokemon Silver too so I will obviously be decoden-ing that up too, heh heh! I am in serious need of decoden-ing soon!

I also got suckered into buying a glossy magazine for the first time in a while! I used to read Glamour when I was younger and browse the magazines sometimes to see what free gifts they're giving away; I found that Glamour is giving away 4 Nails Inc. nail polishes with the latest issue of Glamour, one of which is a gorgeous light pink I have lusting after for a while! And the magazine was only £2 and the nail polish is supposedly worth £11 so I'm not really bothered though! The magazine is so awful though lol, such overpriced, bland clothing and rubbish relationship advice but what's new there, eh? XD

I also met up with my friend Suzy to go shopping in Derby and as always, we stopped at an adorable Chinese stall in my local market called Catwalk and I bought some adorable hair accessories! Firstly a (unofficial) Hello Kitty pom pom phone charm with real rabbit fur - don't go crazy at me, I didn't really have a choice about it being real or not and I doubt the rabbit was killed soley for its fur; rabbits are killed a lot by farmers in China as they are pest, destroy/eat crops and no doubt every part of it will have been used up for eating, fur, etc. I alo got some lovely Sweet/Hime style hair clips with lots of lace, ribbon and cute bunny and teddy cabochons! They look so cute in darker Sweet styles, Hime and Agejo Gyaru (which I have been wanting to get more into lately)! I also got a pink satin flower headband for £2.99 which is similar to the rose and ribbon one I have from the same stall - it's just a little something different to wear with Lolita and Gyaru. I also got a free Hello Kitty badge from the lovely lady! I swear me and Suzy are her best customers, Suzy spent something like £70 there last time and came away with half the store! ;) I love that store a lot but I have to stop myself browsing until Suzy comes as I'd end up buying lots and there not being much choice left for me and Suzy when she comes down!

I also got the pair of skeleton tights I had on my summer wishlist, finally! I went on a tights buying spree on eBay and spent £13 on 9 pairs of tights! One of which are the lovely, thick skeleton print tights and I also found the hole-design ones Adora Batbrat wears! I lovelovelove her and this is the second pair of tights I own that she owns too so I definitely had to get them! I can't wait to wear them! ^^

I also went to a party last Friday night and wore the skeleton print tights to the party! It was supposed to be a late Halloween party but no one really dressed up and for me, it's Halloween every day! So here is my outfit and make-up for the night! It was quite fun saying I usually hate parties and general socialising! The host, Mair, is also vegan but she laid out an awesome spread with sausage rolls, pretzels, chicken goujons, etc. and it was super yummy! I used The Face Shop Face It UV Veil Primer on this make-up, I think. I haven't really used primers before but my make-up seemed to stay on and I didn't turn red or flushed throughout the night!

I don't have much on these next couple of days; I think I may have to buy some new Lolita boots and mary jane style shoes as one of the zipper teeth fell out of my boot, so I can't zip them all the way down and I managed to superglue some shoe clips to my mary janes, ripping some of the black leather off... ^^; Doh! What are you guys doing this week? I hope everyone has a great time and stays safe! That's all for now, goodbye folks! :-*


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