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My Personal Style Guide (Meme)

Hey all! Today I wanted to do this really fun looking meme I've had saved in a Notepad document for agessssssssss - My Personal Style Guide! I got this from Moments Like Diamonds and Roxje's blogs so thank you so much for the inspiration! This is just a fun little thing to do to try and show what inspires your personal, everyday style and is great if you want to try and pull together your style, try new things or reinvent yourselves.

Whilst I was making pretty little images for this meme, it got me thinking; I am kind of torn between writing article-style blog posts and more personal ones. I feel that articles and the such are more useful and are "forever" posts - posts which people may search for for a long time to come and have a lot more use than personal ones. Then again, I think that maybe my readers would like to know me a little better; maybe it would increase my audience and views (even though I'm not trying to be "e-famous" and every page view makes my tummy tickle!) and it gives a bit better, closer relationship between my readers. I also ran a small poll on my blog sidebar asking what people would like to see more of and, surprisingly, "outfit posts" won when the poll closed! So I will try to do more outfit posts (I definitely need either a full length mirror or to get my ass in gear, clean my craft room and set my tripod up!) and more personal posts, starting with a follow up to a Halloween Lolita meet I attended last Saturday.

So today you get to see what kind of fashion styles I like, who inspires me, etc. etc! I guess this kind of follows on from my Lolita Blog Carnival post rather nicely and shows my style both in and out of Lolita. So here are some pretty infographics I made and expansions on each topic/the points! (Addition: Urgh, Blogger totally destroyed the quality

Okay, so colours - boooooooring! I mostly wear black and white, and even then it's around 60%-85% black. I wear black, white and pink most of the time but I do want to (and am already starting) to try and incorporate more colours into my wardrobe. I wear black and red occasionally, usually in a punky style and I have a couple of black and purple outfits. I would like to incorporate more red and blue for a more elegant Goth look, especially in Lolita - Alice & The Pirates is a huge inspiration for this! The red & black and blue & black pieces they do are gorgeous and I have just made a friend a black and blue rose canotier for their hair that I will definitely make myself soon!

I also sometimes have gold flashes in my black, white and pink colour scheme as it goes really well with those colours and can look princessy, blingy, trendy or elegant, depending on how you do it! The brown at the bottom is something I would like to try too - ideally with pink. Pink and brown is such a cute colour combination and reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream; even though I have hang-ups about not feeling comfortable in mostly light colours, I hope that when I do get the chance to try pink x brown, the brown feels "dark" enough for me to feel comfortable and offsets the pink! I always have my hair too which helps with the dark thing. 

Patterns! I like how it's all black black black then BOOM! Pink! Heh heh. I like quite elegant, timeless patterns as they go with most things and never go out of fashion (although most of my fashion doesn't!). Lace is a lovely pattern to wear, especially with those sheer lace undershirts under corsets and even plain vest tops. Damask/flocked patterns are nice, especially when the design is in velvet or a different texture to the base fabrics. Bold stripes are awesome and I really want to own a pair of boldly striped black and white tights, a skirt and maybe a jacket or corset! I wouldn't wear them all together, obviously. :P

Pinstripes are lovely and can be worn with pretty much anything - they are quite Gothy too, especially with corsets, waistcoats and blazer jackets. Polka dots are a more cute pattern; I have a grey and black polka dot knitted dress I picked up in a charity shop with a big black bow on the front and ruffled hems - I love it so much! I think it looks quite Gyaru too. I would like to get more into harlequin print, especially with tights and a cute Lolita skirt made from harlequin fabrics. Black and white is the classic colour combination but I like the idea of pink and black or pink and gold for an opulent look.

I was originally going to go with skeleton bone pattern but I don't mean skull and crossbone style patterns - I mean actual bone prints! I have a pair of knee socks with a pink bone pattern and I have ordered a pair of tights in black and white to look like your bones too. I think it's a really cute pattern but it was impossible to find an image of it on Google! So I went with bats. Bats are a really cute pattern too for anything; skirts, corsets, accessories, tights, etc.! It was a toss-up between bat tights and skeleton bone tights and even though I chose skeleton bone at the moment, those bat tights will be mine soon enough! I also adore tartan and it provides a splash of colour into my otherwise black wardrobe. Red and green Stewart tartan is classic and I have a pleated mini skirt and handmade vest top with it on but I also own a pink tartan Hell Bunny skirt and did own a pair of pink tartan skinny jeans from Darkside.

Next, silhouettes! This was quite difficult as I was just like "Bellskirtbellskirtbellskirtbellskirt"! But I prevailed! The first and my favourite silhouette to set all the following ones off best is the hourglass silhouette! You know, a small defined waist and a bust and hips that are roughly the same size. I am blessed to have an hourglass silhouette (only just though! Stupid childbearing hips... T_T) and I think hourglass silhouettes look awesome with Lolita! Rob doesn't think so, he thinks plumper girls/silhouettes look best but you can have different opinions. ^^ Next is the classic Lolita bell-shaped skirt; super poofy, cute and flattering on all body types! A-line is next as it is great for more elegant Classic and Gothic Lolita looks and when you don't want to be too "stand-out-ish".

Next one is kind of hard to explain - I had to decide between "ruffles" and "layered skirts" but I really like cute, ruffly tutu style skirts! I have a couple and they are just so cute for everyday and casual wear as well as super comfy! Next is "flares out" which kind of means "most Gyaru silhouettes" which was, again, hard to explain! I love the slightly a-line, flared out look of most Agejo, Rokku and girly Gyaru style dresses, best shown by the MA*RS dress worn in the example! Dat dress. :F

Not so much a clothing silhouette but I love the silhouette wearing heels gives your legs! They look so long, thin and sexy, plus they make you walk taller, straighter and kind of stick your bum out a bit. ;) I have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk dupes that are around 7 inches tall and I look soooo thin! The next silhouette I really like are layers, the kind found in Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei and Fairy Kei. I think it looks super cute, comfy and you can experiment a bit more but sometimes it's hard to pull it off without looking frumpy and stocky unless you're uber thin! Next silhouette is a pretty weeaboo-ish one but I love the silhouettes of kimono. This one kind of defeats the point of my first, the hourglass silhouette, as traditional kimono creates a straight up and down, cylindrical silhouette through the use of towels, sashes under the obi and the obi. I think it looks very demure and lovely. It's nice to see kimono worn nowadays as it's not done very often. I adore the modern styles and patterns Seijin no Hi brings out!

Yay, accessories! Accessories and details in clothing really pull outfits together, set them apart and make you look at the outfit again once you see something you like! I am quite fortunate that I have an eye for detail (or so I'm told!) so I love spotting details and accessories! One of my favourites is similar to layering in that it is using different patterns and textures in outfits. This is most prominently seen in Dolly Kei - I really love the garish patterns that would otherwise clash in other fashion styles, as well as the textures and points like velvet, fur, embroidery and applique. So lush! Another fashion point similar to this is miltary points! I really like the military strips down jackets, coats and vests, etc. as well as details on the shoulder (as long as they're not super big shoulder pads!) and military style lace-up boots.

When I first got into Lolita and rocking horse shoes came into fashion, I thought they were really ugly! I was like "...Why is there a chunk missing from the heel!" Then I saw them in cuter and cuter coords and they grew on me! I now own a red pair from Montreal but would definitely love a black pair to wear much more often! I think they look very cute and kind of punky in the right outfits - plus they're super comfy! Another point in fashion I love is the controversial mini hats - whether they're mini top hats, straw hats or bowler hats, I think they're so cute! I know they have mostly died down in Lolita fashion and sometimes they can look very ita (especially seeing as most of them are made with cheap lace, satin and corny looking details like huge feathers sticking out of them) but I think they add a cute, unusual twist to outfits. In fact, my mum saw a mini top hat and suggested I buy it for a friend's birthday a couple of years back and my response was "But mini hats are my thing!"

Another detail I love in outfits but don't wear every day (most of the time) is highly decorated, blingy nails! I love making them and love even more wearing them. My fingers look more elegant and thin and I like the compliments I receive whilst wearing them! Even though they are more associated with Gyaru style (aren't those Halloween designed ones AMAZING?! Do want!), I think blingy nails look awesome with Gyaru, Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora as they are an extra cute addition to any outfit and you can make ones to match particular colour schemes, patterns, etc.! Another accessory you can never have too many of are tights! I love tights soooo much, I have just bought 9 pairs on eBay! They also help pull together outfits as well as keep you warm and it means you can decorate your legs to match outfits! Awesome!

My next favourite accessory is detachable items! I really love detachable collars and capes, shoe clips, brooches, charms, etc. as simply adding one or two can really update an outfit/piece of clothing and they're so fun and usually quite easy to make! I am so glad I found shoe clips as they are awesome to match to each outfit without buying lots of pairs of shoes with lots of different features on them! Instead of having 6 pairs of flats with bows, rosettes, stars, etc. on them, you can just make your own and put them on one or two pairs of flats! Cute and money saving! The last point I love in fashion goes with so many fashion styles I'm into and that is doll-style make-up! I love how sweet and innocent it looks; big doe eyes surrounded by thick, dark eyelashes, a pink flush to the cheeks and juicy, plump looking lips in pinks, nudes, just bittern shades, etc.! You can tweak make-up styles to any outfit and fashion style - Gyaru makes use of nude and paler lips more whilst you can experiment more with Lolita eye make-up, stick cute rhinestones and pearls to your cheeks, etc.! The perfect addition to any outfit!

Last one was added by Roxje and "Silhouettes" were added by Moments Like Diamonds - this is who inspires you! I have icons that inspire me both in looks and fashion style as well as personality and strengths! First up is Adora Batbrat, who I'm sure you know I looooooooove in a really weird, stalkery way! I have loved Adora Batbrat's cute Gothy style and adorably optimistic personality for years! She is sooo cute, has a really cute voice and does herself up everyday in ways other people only dream of doing! She really inspires me to dress the way I want; if she can be strong enough to do it, so can I! Next up is another icon I have loved for years and she actually pushed me into Lolita fashion - Nana Kitade! I love her cute personality and voice/music as well as her lovely fashion sense. She has a cute, edgy twist to Lolita fashion and can punk it up awesomely too! She is also a fan and advocate to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and has done collaborations with them in the past so I'd love to get a hold of items from it! I saw a BTSSB x Charmy Kitty x Nana Kitade collab Lolita skirt a while back on a FB Lolita sales page but couldn't afford it at the time! Am I too optimistic to think she'd sell it now or in the future?

Another inspiration to me is Emilie Autumn, an extremely talented musician and gorgeous fashionista. Her music has inspired me and kept me strong throughout the years and even though she's heading in a different direction nowadays, I still like her music and hope everything turns out the way she hopes. I love how she makes most of her costumes and outfits, with hand embellished corsets and ripped stockings! Arika Takarano is the lead singer of ALI PROJECT, a J-Rock band that you can't really explain the music of. It's sort of J-Rock mixed with baroque, industrial and most of the time sounds like either Pokemon music or the soundtrack to a strange, parallel Silent Hill-esque world where everything is not quite right. She has such a gorgeous fashion sense and I love her outfits on her album covers! She's kind of over the top and extravagant  which is awesome! She leans more towards Gyaru now but that just adds to her and makes me love her all the more!

A Lolita inspiration to many, Misako Aoki is the epitome of a Lolita maiden. Demure, sweet, adorably perfect in face, hair and dress, I would love her wardrobe and the opportunities presented to her! I know some people think she is stuck up, judgemental and not as nice as she seems but everyone's human and everyone has flaws. I'm not exactly the nicest person alive and at least she speaks her mind. I haven't actually  seen anything to back the rumours up but I read that she was very judgemental at a Lolita fashion contest and said a contestant's skirt was too short or something like that? Anyway, onto the next one! I obviously just wrote "Kyary" as I couldn't fit Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on, heh heh! She has a cute, OTT and bizarre fashion sense, sure, but what I really like is that she originally was just a cute and fashionable girl on the streets of Harajuku and her cute yet awkward personality and mannerisms! Everybody wants to be cute but are afraid they can't pull it off or do something to slip up - well, you might as well act the way you normally do and before you know it, your awkward smile and clumsiness is a part of you and adds to your charm! 

Next is a woman not everyone might know - her real name is Contessa Montebello but she goes under the stage name Blessed Contessa in her role in The Bloody Crumpets, Emilie Autumn's backing singers and fellow inmates. She is definitely my favourite crumpet and is a cannibal (not in real life, obviously)! I think she is so cute though and it just goes to show that cute people can still pack a punch (or a bite!)! She has a cute, twisted voice and does strange things on stage, such as crying when Emilie tries to leave her and pulling twisted, gurny faces which just adds to her charm and shows the cute-yet-awkward, real personality of her, similar to Kyary. Last but not least is quite a recent addition to my inspiration, Namie Amuro. I fell in love with her music and fashion style when I watched her "Do Me More" music video with an Alice in Wonderland theme to it. I love her short skirts, tall boots and the way she uses corsets in her outfits, especially in "Do Me More" and "Funky Town". She has the most adorable little face ever and such beautiful hair that looks amazing straight, curled with barrels or properly small, more natural curls!

Phew, I hope somebody is still reading this at this point! This was fun for me to do and discover more about my fashion style as well as know what I'd like to add to it and experiment more in the future. Maybe this post is more for my sake than my readers so I don't mind if this goes unread! If you'd like to do this, just simply steal it! I hope other people have fun working out their personal styles! ^_~

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