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Lolita Blog Carnival: What's On Your Lolita Playlist?

Yay, it's that time again - Lolita Blog Carnival time! This week it is What's On Your Lolita Playlist? Now, this can be music you feel has Lolita elements in it, what you listen to getting ready for a meet, any way you want to take it! For me it will be what artists I think have a Lolita element to them so let's take a look!

Rasputina are a cello-based trio with a strange mix of genres to their music - industrial, folk rock, gothic rock, dark cabaret and indie. If you like Emilie Autumn and/or The Dresden Dolls, there is a good chance you will like Rasputina! Melora, the lead singer and cellist, sings about strange stories she makes up and events in history, such as 1816, the year without a summer and Fletcher Christian's mutiny on The Bounty. I think some of their songs and their image has Lolita elements as they sing about 18th century history, sad and melancholy events and have a general dusty and gloomy Victorian image about them! Melora has such an awesome way of singing and writing songs, they are very catchy and fun to sing along to.

ALI PROJECT is a Japanese band that I spoke briefly about in a post a few posts back (Arika Takarano is one of my style icons!). Again, their music is hard to describe and is a mix between J-Rock, gothic rock, baroque, new wave and surreal. In their earlier years, ALI PROJECT felt they belonged with the Visual Kei scene but Arika is obviously a big fan of Lolita fashion as some of her songs are titled "Lolita in the Garret", "Otome no Inori" (Maiden's Prayer) and so on. Her music feels like it is from another parallel world and is very strange yet memorable. If you were walking through Silent Hill, I feel you could hear ALI PROJECT's music!

Emilie Autumn

 No doubt some people will have heard of Emilie Autumn - an extremely talented musician who coined her own musical genre; Victoriandustrial. She is most known for playing the violin but also plays the piano, harpsichord, guitar and viola. Her music is a mix between classic 18th century instruments and sounds with drum machines, industrial beats, electronica and dark cabaret. To me, she is a very strong character and shows that you can be a dainty maiden whilst still fighting for what you believe in and that you can turn bad things that have happened to you around to make yourself stronger. Her songs are full of melancholy Victorian imagery, suicide, mental illness and love, portrayed in a bitter, cynical yet sarcastic way. 

Nana Kitade
Anyone who is a fan of Nana Kitade needn't know why she is on my Lolita playlist! I first found Nana Kitade's music as her song "Kesenai Tsumi" is an ending theme on Fullmetal Alchemist. Her music is J-Rock and a bit punky with a cute, doll-like voice that can go from angelic to a bit twisted and weird. She is a big fan of Lolita fashion and was (not sure if she is now) a model for Kera, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and other Japanese fashion brands. She is now in her new band, Loveless but to be honest, I don't see them spoken about very much and I don't think she is as famous as she was solo. It's a pity as she is so cute, talented and I would love to see her potential realised again!

Kanon Wakeshima
Kanon Wakeshima is another blatant Lolita fan and this seeps into her music. She plays the cello and her music is J-Rock-ish with more classical undertones and sweet stories in the lyrics. I regret not being able to go to Hyper Japan when she came over to the UK to promote her new album, Lolitawork Libretto. As I am using Wikipedia to check out what genres other people class these artists as, I keep seeing the same genres and patterns cropping up - neoclassical dark wave, baroque pop and dark cabaret (Kanon Wakeshima not included in this one)! Kanon is very cute and inspires me to pick up a cello again along with Rasputina - if only I could afford lessons, not to mention actually buying a cello to start off with! T_T

Well, they are the artists that are more often than not on my Lolita playlist and inspire me to get frilly! I love discovering new, unusual music so if you have any recommendations, please let me know below! What musicians do you feel are Lolita-inspired?

The Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of Lolita-orientated bloggers who vote on new topics each week and write about the chosen one. Here are all the girls who joined in this week, please check them out!

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