Friday, 23 November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 Themed Meet-Up Ideas

Yay, it's Lolita Blog Carnival time again! This week's topic is 5 Themed Meet-Up Ideas! I love going to Lolita meets and if they are themed, it's even more fun! It usually limits what you can wear/coordinate which is sometimes a good thing if you never know what to wear! Okay, so let's think of some fun themes you could have!

Nautical Theme

My local Lolita friends had a meet-up last year or the year before where they went to the 100th Year Anniversary of the Titanic, which I think was located in Belfast, Titanic's birthplace. The meet was nautical themed which can mean good ol' Sailor Lolita but you can also have other twists on it! You could have more of a captain theme to it, whether that is sea-based or you could even go futuristic spaceship captain! They still use the nautical terms even in sci-fi! Or you can go very piratey with it too. Also you don't have to go with the white-blue-red colour scheme; there are quite a few outfits/coords that are black and white which look very Classic and you could wear a straw/boater hat instead of a beret or Captain's cap. A Titanic Anniversary is also a pretty specific place so rather than that, you could have a nautically themed meet at the beach; you don't have to go swimming or sunbathing - you can hang around on the beach with plenty of towels and wind guards to make sure your dresses don't get dirty or you could just go to a seaside resort, browse the seasidey shops, eat fish and chips, go to the arcades, etc! I would love to go to a seaside resort for a Lolita meet!

Twinning Theme

I attended a Lolita meet a few months back that had the theme of twinning! Twinning in Lolita can mean very different things to different girls; there is always debate on it and Secrets on Behind The Bows. Twinning can be very strict where you wear the same colourway of dress (as well as same style, like OP or JSK), same or almost exactly the same accessories, shoes, legwear and style of wig/hair/make-up or you can wear the same dress but in different colourways (taking the colourway theme to your accessories, shoes, hair, etc.). If you and your "twin" agree to a certain look and consider it twinning, don't let anyone tell you otherwise or start bitching at you that it's not "proper twinning", okay?!

Valentines Theme

Valentine Lolita

Okay, so I had to open up my Polyvore account for the first time in years to make a coordination for a Valentines themed Lolita meet! This is hopefully a good thing and will motivate me to make lots more cute outfits/sets on Polyvore! Anyway, you can either hold a Valentine themed meet on St. Valentine's Day or you could have a Lolita Valentines theme where you each make a Valentine for someone, submit it anonymously (either online, you could send it by letter or put them all in a bag and shake it up) and read them after you have finished eating or whilst hanging out at a park, tearoom, etc! This is a super sweet idea that makes everyone feel good about themselves and is just a fun idea! You can go with the whole pink and red heart themes for outfits but you could also have a darker, "broken heart" twist on it if you're darkly inclined or even go as a romantic, dashing prince/ouji/kodona style!

Pampering Theme

Lolitas are very luxurious creatures and we love to surround ourselves with high quality dresses, sweets and will do almost anything to feel like a princess! I think a pampering themed meet would be a really good idea, especially around someone's birthday. You could either go out and get your nails done, a massage, facial, foot pedicure, etc. or if you have a hairdresser or nail tech friend, you could have a pampering session at home! You could even turn it into a sleepover if there were few enough people! Often discount websites like Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social, KGB Deals and countless more offer discounts on things like massages, facials, manicures, hair cuts, etc. often at discounts of up to 70%-80% so it makes it a lot cheaper and a lot more realistic to do.

Vintage Theme

Another cute idea for a Lolita meet is perusing events like vintage fairs, flea markets, ethnic markets, etc. Not only are these really fun, great for present-buying and different to simply going to a tearoom, you can often pick up hidden gems that will go perfect with Lolita fashion in vintage shops/fairs, flea markets, Christmas markets, etc. You could even try a vintage twist on normal Lolita outfits (even though they're pretty period-inspired anyway!) or go even further back in history to the Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian eras! A pair of vintage shoes, sunglasses or a vintage head piece or blouse would look great and give a real authentic feel to lots of Lolita styles.

So there you have it - 5 themed meet ideas for when "shopping and a tearoom" simply won't cut it! This was a really fun article to write for Lolita Blog Carnival, which is a group of Lolita bloggers who vote on different topics each week to blog about - whichever topic wins, we blog about! Please feel free to join the Facebook group and check out all the other bloggers who joined in this week!

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  1. A pampering party sounds like a wonderful idea! I really want to try that one and am going to pitch it to the local girls!

    1. Ahh, that's so great! It would be awesome to see photos or a blog post about it! :)

  2. Ooh I really like the Valentine's Theme! That's one of my favourite holidays, I think it's grossly underrates, haha. I love the idea of making each other valentines as well.

    1. Aww, I'm glad you like the idea! It is a lovely idea and I wish 'd have gone to the meet this year - there's always next year though! :)

  3. Love a nautical themed meetup. Thanks to your suggestions, I'm really starting to ponder how to incorporate some nautical elements into my lolita wardrobe. ^_^

    1. I would love to go to one too! ^^ So glad you like the idea, nautical elements are such a cute touch to Lolita! Even striped socks, red shoes or a little cap would be a great start!