Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fashion Round Up: Goth Inspirations & Wishlist

Hi everyone! Wow, it's almost Christmas soon, only 1 month away! 0_0 When did that happen? I always think, after Christmas Day "Nooo, next year's is so far away!" but it comes around so quickly without you realising it. Especially when you end up spending money on yourself then realise you have to save up for everyone else's presents...and you don't know what to get them because they always say "Nothing!"! Haha, why does everyone say that? Especially family - I would much rather them think of something they saw that they like, want or need and I'll buy it! Especially if it's like a item of clothing or something...I have to try and remember passing comments about things they like all throughout the year! But then again, every year I always think "Next year, I'll buy Christmas presents all the way through the year, just when I see them" but I never do, ha ha! 

Anyway, enough random rambling...the other day I was reading Stranger and Stranger's blog and she wrote that she wanted to refine her fashion style and wrote a wishlist of items she needed to do so. I thought this was a really great idea to pull together your fashion style, buy staple items so you can always look fabulous and curb your spending! If you have a set list of items you want to buy, you won't waste money on random impulse purchases you see...or so goes the theory!

So the idea of this "Fashion Round Up" is that you pick a fashion style you are into or want to get into and compile a list of inspirations, fashion icons and anything that inspires you in the fashion style. You look at what they have that makes you like it so much and then make a wishlist of items you want/need to make the fashion style what you want it to be and what you want to wear! Inspiration doesn't have to just be people you look up to, it can be a random person you saw on Tumblr or a particular piece of clothing that sparks inspiration. I want to have lots of different fashion styles in my wardrobe and be able to dress however I want every day so for my first style, I picked my Goth style, which is what I dress in most days. That should hopefully change as I make wishlists for other fashion styles I don't dip into often, like Fairy Kei and I can dress in it whenever I like and look great!

So here are my inspirations and a couple of random ones I find on my journeys:

Okay, let's break it down! My Goth style may not be like others or yours - everyone is different! I like my Goth style to be cuter and more dressy than just black t-shirts and baggy trousers with New Rock boots. I'm also not into the Crow-style make-up with floor length trench coats and lots of chains and studs...although who is anymore? I've never seen anyone like that (except weirdos in Derby who are going through phases), I'm pretty sure it's an exaggeration or untrue stereotype. Anyway, so I really, really, REALLY like Adora Batbrat's style, as you probably have noticed in previous posts! Even though I adore her hair and make-up, I don't think I can pull it off so my inspiration isn't taken from there. Instead, it's her cute clothes, hair accessories, hair styles, tights and shoes! As well as her personality, I think! She's very cute and truthful - she knows she is gorgeous but isn't afraid to show she knows it for fear of sounding big-headed.

I also love Emilie Autumn's style, although it's more her "Liar" phase outfits as they can be worn for more casual times. I wish I could walk around in corsets and rat masks all the time, heh heh! I really want to make some casual white vest tops inspired by the photos above, with things like "Old School" wrote on, tears and felt hearts with dangling, bleeding beads hanging down. I think they'd look cute with a black bolero to cover up my arms, a black fluffy skirt and boots with a spiky choker. I don't like the cut of normal t-shirts as they look frumpy and dull as well as they aren't usually fitted and cut my arms off, making them look big. So vest tops and boleros look much nicer to me. I also really want to buy the Pleaser boots Emilie owns, the pink glittery ones! They're about £70 and I'm not sure when I'd wear them but I want them just to say I own the same boots she does!

I also like Nana Kitade's style, although I'm technically cheating as I will be using her in a couple of inspiration collages - this one is showcasing her Gothier/Punkier style! I love the cute camisole she is wearing in the bottom image and pretty much her whole adorable outfit in the top photo! I also have included a few snapshots of Namie Amuro's outfits - the waistcoated one is from her "Do Me More" music video and the bottom one is from "Funky Town". These inspire me to wear corsets more in everyday fashion, especially over things like waistcoats and wench-style blouses - I haven't liked those medieval style blouses up until now as they look really cute and way more fitted than them just worn on their own.

Here are also a few more random inspiration photos found from Emilie Autumn, Nana Kitade and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

I love EA's stockings, skirt and boots here! And the shirt with the heart and tie is super cute for casual outfits too.

In this one, I really adore her hair. It's so cute and curly along with her cute hair accessories! Here she is wearing rat ears but I'd also wear masquerade masks and goggles with this hairstyle.

Nana Kitade as Ruby Gloom is so adorable and I love the dress and socks worn. Normally I don't like striped socks as they can sometimes look a bit "ita" but Nana makes them so adorable! I also like her cute, flicky hair here too!

This is exactly what I want to look like! Among other things, heh heh...I want to make this dress now! <3
When I first reblogged this on my Tumblr, I didn't even know it was Kyary! I adore this dress; it's so cute, schoolgirly and kind of Wednesday Addams-inspired and the scalloped hem is a little different than usual and makes it cuter. The striped socks and shoes are too cute too, only adding to the outfit. Again, stripy socks are cute here! I'd love to try making this dress, it doesn't look that hard.

Okay, so after looking at all those inspirations, it's time to decide what items would perfect your own, personalised style! Here are mine:

♥ Sheer, chiffon blouses ♥ Platform boots, all sizes/lengths ♥ Adora Batbrat's Victorian Collar & Heart Blouse ♥ Mini crown and tiara hair accessories ♥ Emilie Autumn inspired shirts ♥ A jacket to wear with Goth/Lolita in spring & autumn ♥ Corsets to wear more everyday, both over and under bust ♥ Camisole and babydoll style shirts ♥ Fishnet shirts to wear under other shirts ♥ Wench/peasant style blouses/dresses to wear under corsets ♥Lots of different styled skirts!

My trusty pair of matte patent platform boots gave out on me a while back and I have yet to buy a replacement pair. I may check the place I got them from before, Blue Star, which strangely sell mainstream clothing but I found my platform boots there. They weren't stripper or drag queen style either, just good to wear with skirts, over jeans, etc! The knee-high pair pictured above are a gorgeous pair I could wear with Goth and Lolita from T.U.K. but they have been discontinued so I'll have to look for a secondhand pair. I also need a new pair of regular boots as mine are starting to come away from the sole, the heels need reheeling and one of the zipper teeth has fallen out so I can't zip them all the way down. I think I will look to Bodyline or An*tai*na for them. As for other boots and platforms, I am inspired by Adora Batbrat for other styles/lengths, such as mid-calf and super high ones. They look really cute with skirts and tights/socks, plus they make you look extra tall and skinny!

I really like cute, sheer blouses to wear under things like corsets or Lolita JSKs but also to wear just on their own, with maybe a black vest top underneath to preserve modesty. I also really, really want Adora Batbrat's own designed Heart Blouse and Victorian Collar from her webstore! I can hear someone/some people say "But just because you buy something from Adora Batbrat doesn't mean you're Goth!" but these really are perfect for my style because Adora is such an inspiration to me! The collar is $54 and the blouse is $99 but they are made of high quality materials and she can't make 1000s so I can understand the prices.

I would also like some cute hair accessories like mini hats (I have three mini top hats; I'd like to add a pillbox hat to my collection and others!), crowns and tiaras, especially to wear with Hime outfits too! Another good thing about doing this fashion round-up is that you can cross-reference items of clothing and see if you could wear it in any other fashion styles too - that way you get more bang for your buck!

I always want to make Emilie-inspired vest tops, as discussed above and would love to wear cute camisole and babydoll style tops everyday too! Especially the tie-up in the middle, lingerie style babydolls over vest tops! I would like to try my hand at making these too! The more items I can make myself, the less money I have to spend! I also really need a jacket to wear in spring and autumn - in summer you don't really need a coat or just wear a cardigan and I have a lovely Lolita winter coat for winter so I need a middleman! I haven't seen anything I like though - what I have in mind is kind of like a tailored suit/dress jacket, maybe with pinstripes, bows or corset lacing! I'll have to check brands like Criminal Damage and Living Dead Souls rather than just try to find them secondhand...

Again, I also said I'd like to wear corsets more everyday style! In order to make them more casual, sheer blouses, wench/peasant style blouses and vest tops are worn underneath to tone them down. I also have a black Lycra ripped top from Heavy Red that is perfect for wearing under corsets. Another shirt I want to wear under dresses and vest tops is the good old fashioned fishnet shirt! Some oldschool Goths suggest cutting the feet off of fishnet tights and cutting a hole in the crotch for your head to go through but I'll have to see how that looks and if it looks too funky, I'll bend to capitalism and buy a proper one. I have a lace one I wear under dresses and plain vest tops too so a fishnet one will be another addition. Another wardrobe staple or pleasantry is simply having lots of different style skirts to wear with tops! I have the pink version of the tartan Hell Bunny skirt as well as a red tartan mini skirt but I'd like to see what's out there and expand my wardrobe! I also need more styled tops to wear as I don't like t-shirts. That's why I'm racking my brains thinking of alternative, like vest tops + boleros/shrugs/cardigans, fishnet & lace tops under other tops and dresses, camisoles and babydolls, bustier type shirts like the one I have from Living Dead Souls - it just needs some plastic boning taken out and replaced with steel boning as it keeps popping out and bending out of shape.

Looking at that wishlist, I think it's pretty easy to accomplish, especially with Christmas and my birthday coming up! As I said before, the more items you can make yourself, the more variety you can have and the cheaper it will be. It's kind of good looking at a wishlist of what you need and it not being that long - that means that you have most of what is needed for a staple Goth wardrobe and you just need a couple of additions to make it complete! Afterwards you can buy pretty much whatever catches your eye as you always have the staples on hand to throw together an outfit. This post is probably more for me than it is for you, my readers, but at least you can have a look into what inspires me and what styles I want to dress in. At the very least, I hope this inspires you to do the same with your fashion styles and then we can all have lovely wardrobes full of pretty clothing! See you later! ^_~


  1. Love this post. I'm huge fan of Emilie's early-Opheliac-Era outfits too! And Adora BatBrat. But really, I like everything on your wishlist. You're making mine longer! lol

    1. Aww, so glad you like! Yeah, I really love EA's older style, especially her more casual stuff. I still like her concert outfits now though! I hope she releases another album which is proper music rather than musical-type stuff though! Thanks so much for your comment! <3