Friday, 5 October 2012

The Best Unusual Asian Beauty Tools

For a couple of days I've been researching strange and unique beauty tools from Asia and I've got to say - I'm hooked! They're so unique, you'd never find anything like them in Western cosmetics and you want them to work because they're so strange! So I've rounded up some of the best unusual Asian beauty tools - I don't know whether they work or not, I mean "best" as in strangest! You can find all of these on eBay for amazingly cheap prices and free shipping but bear in mind the shipping's not gonna be EMS - it sometimes takes a month for my items to arrive! But I'm a patient little princess. ^_~

Handheld Spring Hair Removal Stick

Sometimes stores that sell this give it a proper name, which is "Facial Epicare Hair Remover"; this contraption is a tightly coiled metal spring with a rubber handle on either side for holding it. You bend it into a U-shape, position it over fine hair you want removing, mostly facial hair (can you imagine armpit hair or even...?! *0*) and roll it in an outwards motion, straightening the coil again. It traps hairs in the gaps between the coils and plucks them out for you! It does several or a lot at a time, depending on where and how you position it and is considers less painful and time consuming than waxing, plucking and threading! This seems to be one of the few wacky Asian beauty tools that everyone says works! I guess if you've ever got your hair caught in a spring or something like a watch, you can bet like Hell it plucks it out! The sensation when the spring plucks the hairs out is described as a "prickly feeling" similar to threading but less painful. The website I got this image from sells these for a bargain $13.95 (sarcasm) when you can get them on eBay for $1-$2...lucrative.

Sponge Strawberry Hair Curlers

I have seen these being sold by Etude House but you can also get them from eBay. They are super cute sponge hair rollers in the shape of strawberries! Simply wrap a section of wet hair around the middle of the strawberry and sleep in them - they are preferred over hair rollers as they're super soft and well, spongy so they cushion your head rather than be all stiff and uncomfortable to sleep in.

Peco Rolls

These are called "Peco rolls" and are another gadget for curling your hair. They are soft silicone and you wrap a section of hair around them, then push the flared part down to roll over the curled hair and keep it in place! They look a little more secure and effective than the strawberry sponge rollers. However, they're probably not as comfortable to sleep in though so it's a catch 22 (something wrong both ways)!

Nail Polish Protection Clips

These look very useful again! They're nail protection clips for when you paint your nails, then try to do something carefully and smudge them anyway. They are plastic crocodile clips similar to ones for your hair, with a plastic shield that flips up and down. You paint your nails then, once you're finished, clip the clips onto your fingers and flip the shield down. Now, if you accidentally catch your nail, it just hits the guard instead! I wouldn't, however, try to paint your nails whilst wearing these though as that would just be more difficult! ^^;

Hair Velco/Fringe Stabilisers

I already have these and can testify that they are indeed very useful! They are sheets of Velcro (the hooks are only on one side) that you can use to hold fringes and hair up for when you apply make-up, wash your face, etc.! I just have boring rectangular sheets of them but now you can get all sorts of cute shapes and designs, like bows and flowers!

Mascara Guard

This is a plastic mascara guard for preventing mascara smudges on your top and lower eyelids! I don't know about you but I hate putting on eyeshadow, then applying mascara and getting it all over my eyelid because my eyelashes are too long (best problem to have! ^^) and having to remove the mascara and part of the eyeshadow! Grr! This useful tool is contoured to fit over your eye whilst you apply mascara, on both your top and bottom eyelids, then there is usually a comb on the end of the tool to comb out and define your eyelashes! I swear, Asian thinks of everything when it comes to beauty tools! This is great for pretty much anyone and saves so much time in the morning!

Double Eyelide Tape

Double Eyelid Tape CloseupDouble Eyelid Tape Closeup

I'm sure many people are aware of eyelid tapes and glues but there's no doubt it's a strange concept to people who've never heard of it before! You can get special double sided tape that doesn't really hurt when taken off (I wouldn't suggest using normal double-sided sticky tape!) that you place where you'd like the crease in your eyelid to be. If you're going "Huh? But I already have a crease in my eyelid!", that's because a lot of Asian ethnicities have what's called a "mono-lid" where they don't have a crease, or have a very unnoticeable one on their eyelid. Some girls like to use glues or tapes to create a false crease that can be removed at the end of the day to make their eyes look more Western, round and/or bigger. Glues have exactly the same principle, except that they're a glue and you have to wait until it's dried tacky to poke your eyelid into shape with a small plastic prong usually supplied with the tape or glue. I like mono-lids and don't think girls should have to change themselves that much to be beautiful! However, if you've got a make-up look that requires a coloured eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid, how are you gonna do that with no crease?!

Nose Clip

This gadget is one of the crazier Asian beauty tools out there. It's a plastic nose clip, similar to ones swimmers use and is applied to the nose tip and bridge for around 10-15 minutes a day to straighten and lift up the nose! I'm not sure what kind of effect that'd have on my button nose...I don't want to look like the Child Catcher! T_T There is debate to whether this works or not and it looks painful!

Face Roller/Massager

 This is another Asian beauty tool most people have heard of...well, if you're into Asian beauty! ;-) It's a plastic tool, usually with two or three prongs that have balls or rollers on them. The idea is, if you roll the roller up and down your cheeks, jawline and chin/neck, it stimulates blood circulation, drains excess fluid and toxins and tones and firms your face shape! Again, there's debate to whether this works or not but I want to try it out!

Slimming/Exercising Mouth Piece

That's right - a slimming/exercising mouth piece! It's a spring loaded plastic piece you put in your mouth and it forces your mouth open (ahem...). You then do little exercises for about 3 minutes to pull your mouth back in, such as saying the vowels and it supposedly tightens your facial muscles and creates a firmer mouth. I've also heard rumours that the main idea of the piece is to create a wider mouth, since a wider mouth will make your face look smaller...wait, what? No it won't, it'll make you look like a deformed Sim or Skyrim character! I did want this in addition to the face roller to have a tighter, firmer mouth and face but I don't want it to make my mouth wider! Anyway, isn't the Asian (or at least Japanese) ideal view of a mouth small and plump, like a geisha?

Korean Detox Foot Patches

These are Korean detox foot patches that are adhesive patches you place on the underside of your feet just before going to bed and sleep in them! They supposedly (there's that word again...) drain all the toxins away from your body and store it in the patch to give you a more pleasant sleeping experience, make you feel more energetic, reduce water retention, improve blood circulation and relieve arthritis and joint pain. A lot of promises! They supposedly go all yucky and gunky after a night of wearing them, proof of the toxins they've drained! Again, I would actually like to try these out!

F-Cup Cookies

Another fabled weird Japanese item! Not so much a tool, these are soft cookies that supposedly enhance your breast size! Not sure whether they work or not, I can't imagine they do! It's too good to be true really - eating cookies to make your boobs bigger? I wish! Actually, I don't - I like my boobies the size they are, any bigger and I won't fit into Lolita dresses!
Pore Cleaning Comedone or simpler Pore Cleaners

Depending on where you buy these tools (cosmetics brands or just from eBay), they're either called comedones or comedo. They are stainless steel sticks with a loop of steel on one end and either a larger loop of steel or a small cup on the other end. The idea is you place it on where you have white and blackheads and roll the head, sebum, pus, etc. out and it collects on the metal loop. You use the smaller loop for your nose and other smaller places and the cup/larger loop for your forehead, cheeks, etc. and larger areas. I have one of these and I'm not quite sure if they work. I thought I had blackheads on the top of my nose and white bits in the corners but it does nothing for the top of my nose. However, it does indeed roll out the white bits - whether that makes my nose any clearer or is purely superficial and only on the top skin layer, I don't know! But I don't particularly like having white bits in the corner of my nose! I tried this on my mum and brother, each with different results too - my mum has older, drier skin (sorry!) and got pretty much the same result as me, maybe a little less, whilst my brother has oily teenage skin with whiteheads and it did collect more gunk from his nose and forehead. It does feel uncomfortable and make your eyes water though! I had a hard time getting my brother to sit still, thank God he was using his laptop!

This is the simpler "finger pore cleanser" that is a small silicone tool with a hole to insert your finger and hold it. It has a flat end with little silicone nubs that aids cleansing and cleaning out your pores. It is supposedly  more effective to use whilst cleansing and massaging the cleanser in than fingers and breaks down make-up, sweat and sebum more effectively. It also is supposed to help clear out the pores on your nose, forehead, cheeks, etc. I would say I'd quite like to try this but I have just bought Etude House's Wonder Pore brush and can't wait for that to arrive so I can try it out! I hope the bristles aren't too stiff and make my dry skin all red and sore. If it is, I will probably sell it or offer a trade in r/makeupswap and try this as the silicone nubs are more gentle and better for using daily.

There we go! Aren't they all strange and enticing? As I said, you want to buy them all and try them out, in the hope they are a secret hidden gem that makes your skin clear, clean, flawless and your face tight, small and cute! I will definitely try out the spring hair remover, peco rolls, nail polish protection tips (although I don't paint my own nails! I make false ones! Maybe not then... T_T), mascara guard, face roller, slim mouth piece and detox foot patches! At the cheap prices eBay offers, you can't resist! I'll let you know what they're like when I buy them and try them out! Until then, what do you think of these strange tools for beauty? Do you think (or know) they work or are they just another informercial-style sham at a cheaper price? 


  1. The Mascara Guard is a really cute stuff~~


    1. It does look so useful! I definitely want one, hopefully it saves time in the morning! Thank you for commenting! ^_~