Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Reviewette: Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream (Fragrance Free)

Hello all! Today I will be doing a short, hardly any photos review of Olay's new Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream in the fragrance free variety! I got a small free sample of this a while back and have been working my way through it recently to provide a good review and see what the longer-lasting results are. Even though this cream's main points are that it is very age and wrinkle-preventing, I can't comment on any of those points as thankfully my skin doesn't need plumping, fine lines and wrinkles removed, etc!

Brand: Olay
Name: Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream (Fragrance free)
Price: £19.99 - £29.99
Where to buy: Olay's website, Boots, Amazon, any drugstore or make-up store that stocks Olay

This cream is specifically designed to give "dramatically" younger looking skin, especially where skin is most prone to the effects of aging; eyes, jawline and neck. It contains high amounts of aminopeptide complex and treats difficult areas.

From Amazon, it says: Results immediately noticeable after use are that the aminopeptide complex plumps sagging neck skin, after 4 weeks of use it progressively helps to regenerate surface skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores elasticity and suppleness in skin. 

The packaging I got it in is a red soft-ish plastic tube with a silver cap. I think the packaging is quite cool in terms of looks - it's more sophisticated as Olay is marketed towards older women. This is a 7ml sample and even though it looks small, it has lasted a surprisingly long time! I'd say using this twice daily it would take me around 2-3 weeks to finish it!
Just like any other moisturiser, you smooth this over your face (and neck if desired) once or twice a day. A little goes a long way, I imagine a full 50ml tub of this would last at least 6 months. It doesn't have any sun protection in though, unfortunately - this is the one thing I'd love to see it include. As with any other moisturisers, you apply this after cleansing and toning and before make-up application.
When I first applied this initially, my skin felt generally moisturised, the way it does with any moisturiser when you immediately apply it. It has a quite thick consistency and feels quite soft and velvety whilst applying. This makes it last a lot longer than if it were thin and runny. After applying this for about a week, twice daily, my skin kept the velvety softness that is first felt. I didn't have any dry patches or breakouts and my skin felt supple and moisturised throughout the whole day, with or without make-up on. The more you continuously use this, the longer the results stay and get soaked up into your skin.
There is no scent! Well, it has a natural cream scent to it but it hasn't got any added perfumes, fragrances or anything extra added that could irritate skin and have different effects on different skin types (essential oils, extracts, etc.)

I didn't do a TL;DR as this is a pretty short review with no photos except of the product. This is because I can't really take any before and after photos as you'd need a pretty highly detailed camera to tell! I really like this cream though - the anti-aging properties are neither here nor there for me as my skin doesn't need any of that yet but I can imagine it's a very good product to keep using from young-to-old, in order to protect and prevent the signs of aging as your skin loses elasticity, sags, fine lines and wrinkles set in and so on. It makes my skin feel really velvety soft, plump, elastic and supple - which it claims to do! You start getting the effects longer and longer the more you use this and my skin feels great with or without make-up. It's a great all-round face cream for moisturising, preventing the signs of aging, applying make-up over it and keeping your skin in great condition! The only niggle I would have with it is that it doesn't have any sun protection in it; therefore I'd have to apply extra sunscreen after applying this moisturiser. I'm expecting a Korean cosmetics order soon and the moisturiser I'm going to replace my old Avon one with doesn't have any SPF in either so I'll just have to get used to this!

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