Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review: Koreadepart Service and Korean Cosmetics Haul Post!

The other day, as some of you may know, I received a very welcome package from Koreadepart, a huge online department store for Korean cosmetics! I first read about it on Airi's Blog and have been dying to try it out since! I have really been getting into good cosmetics, taking care of yourself, etc. and have wanted to try Korean cosmetics for a while. I prefer them to UK and Japanese cosmetics as they are so much cheaper and seem very high quality compared to UK ones. They focus on hydrating your skin, combating skin imperfections and keeping your skin clean, supple, flawless and young looking. Most UK cosmetics are more about scientific jargon, tanning and you have to pay a lot of money for unusual or luxurious ingredient. >_> So anyway, I placed a joint order with two of my friends the other month and the package arrived the other day! I have been going crazy uploading all the items to Poupee Girl and thought I would review Koreadepart's service and give you some info on it.

If you're interested in cheap, high quality Korean cosmetics, me and my friend Suzy are no doubt going to be placing orders in the future (although not for a bit, heh heh - gotta save money!) so feel free to comment below or contact me if you're interested in joining a group order! It makes shipping soooo cheap, as you will see below. Anyway, onto the...

Website: http://en.koreadepart.com
Order placed: 30/09/2012
Payment confirmed: 02/12/2012
Shipping invoice sent: 12/10/2012
Shipped: 15/10/2012
Received: 18/10/2012

Okay, so it takes a little bit longer placing a joint order than it does just ordering for yourself. You have to send emails, get a list of what people want, get money from people, etc. I first placed the order on the 30th September. This was a Friday night or Saturday morning in Korea though, so I knew the payment wouldn't be processed for a little bit. I still worried though and it turns out it was Thanksgiving in Korea not too long ago! So everything was put on hold for a day or so, people were nursing hangovers and there was a lot of backlog.

However, the shipping invoice was sent 10 days after the payment was processed. Looking back, that's not actually that long but I went into total panic mode as it's not just my money I was looking after, it was other peoples'. When you order from Koreadepart, you pay for the total amount of the items first, then wait for a shipping invoice to be sent, as it's an international order. You also have to send the money manually if it's an international order, through credit card or Paypal. I accidentally sent the money as a gift via Paypal, as I thought they might get hit on fees! How silly I was...you're supposed to send it the good, ol' safe way; marked as "Goods". That way you can get your money back if anything goes wrong. So part of me was worrying that Koreadepart had run off with my money, laughing and cackling as there was nothing I could do about it. But lo and behold, I finally got a shipping invoice after contacting them twice about it. They said it was because of the backlog due to the holidays and I believe them. Also the other girl in the group order, Charlotte, had ordered some Korean food as well as cosmetics so I'm guessing they come from a different department/warehouse so that may have taken some time to get together too.

After I got the shipping invoice, there were two of our items out of stock; Baviphat's Fresh Make-up Fixer and a scarf Suzy had ordered. Rather than refund us, they took the money from our shipping invoice, which was $38.44 with 15% taken off for a "special event" that has been on for quite some time, plus the refund amount, which made the shipping $26.96! Me and Suzy only had to pay $7.01 each for shipping as it was our items that were out of stock. This works out so cheap as a group order, score! Another reason people should join in group orders! Maybe I could set up a Facebook page for them and manage group orders? That would be cool! ^_~

Anyway, the package was dispatched the 15th October and arrived on the 18th - how fast is that?! They ship it EMS and provide a tracking number - on the 16th it had arrived at London Heathrow! By the 18th, at my boyfriend's shop, all ready for him to bring home to me, heh heh heh! Now, onto the packaging!
Unfortunately Rob took the items out of the box to bring home to me in his backpack so I didn't get a chance to see what everything looked like packaged up. He had used the box to package up an online order of his but I had a chance to survey the box! It was a nicely sized, sturdy one with hardly any damage to it at all. I have been comparing boxes sent from China and Korea recently and all the ones from China are really bad, corrugated cardboard ones that are literally falling apart and Korean ones are lovely, clean, much sturdier ones, heh heh! 

All the items that were in bubble wrap, Rob left in bubble wrap. Let's get to some photos then! I rushed to take photos as it was around 5.40pm Rob arrived home and daylight was fading fast! I think I did an okay job though. This is also a chance to show you everything I bought from Koreadepart so it's a mini haul post!

These are all the items in bubble wrap. All the cylindrical items are tessellated and bubble wrapped together, as shown below!

Also, as with Korean boxes being better quality than Chinese boxes, it seems Korean bubble wrap is better quality, heh heh!

Koreadepart's business card.

Everything was bubble-wrapped really well and securely. Most of the items that didn't need to be bubble-wrapped weren't.  Here is what I bought!

Dermal Snail Collagen Esssence Mask x 10 & Dermal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patches

Secret Key Snail & EGF Repairing Cream & Secret Key Syn-ake Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Cream for my mum ^^

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Make-up Base in Lavender & Nature Republic Vanilla Sky Foundation in No. 1 (#21 for other companies)

On: The Body Pure-Moist Whipped Bar & Etude House Wonder Pore Brush

Nature Republic Blemish Lab Sebum Clear+ Acne Cleanser & Missha Kiwi Yoghurt Plus Face Pack

Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish in Berry Milk & Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner

Missha Eyebrow Trimmer & Mizon Sakura Whitening Dual Mini Kit

Here's what my lovely friend Suzy ordered; she very graciously let me take photos of hers too!

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Kit & Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blusher in Pink

Mizon Oriental Scalp Treatment Massage Cleaner with free gift of Mizon Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet

Skinfood Honey Jasmine Bath Salts & Skinfood Peppermint Bath Salts

Lioele Under the Eye Light Concealer & Skinfood Special False Eyelashes

Such cute items! Suzy also bought the Etude House Wonder Pore Brush too but it didn't make any sense to show it twice! After all of those lovely products we bought, we also got some awesome freebies! I swear, freebies are almost the best thing! FREEBIES!

I think this is a plastic documents folder - it's a bit of promotional merchandise from Holika Holika. It says "Brand image models" in Japanese in the corner and has a lot of pretty Korean people on the front - obviously the brand's models! I am going to let Suzy have this so she can use it for work! It's really cute!

Here's the nice, lovely, FULL freebies pack, yay! We got 15 freebies in total, which is 5 each split between us. Below is what we got, I'm pretty happy and impressed!

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Comination Watery Mask Sheet, going to Suzy ^^

It's Skin Prestige Creme D'Escargot BB Cream, going to Charlotte

Skinfood Watery Berry Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, going to Suzy

Skinfood Gold Kiwi Sun Cream, SPF36, going to Charlotte

Missha For Me Urban Soul First Treatment Essence, going to Suzy as her husband may use this! Safe to say Rob won't lol...

Danahan HyoyongGo Essence, going to Charlotte

Intevia Active Original Cream, staying with me!

Holika Holika Canola Honey Sleeping Pack, staying with me

Su:m Time Energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream, staying with me

The History of Whoo Oil Spa Oil Shower, going to Charlotte

Nature Republic Orchid Secret Powder Pact, staying with me

And then we got a small envelope with a lot of Mizon samples in!

Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Refine Silky Essence, going to Suzy

Mizon Hydra-full Solution Watermax Aqua Gel Cream, going to Charlotte

Mizon Trouble Clinic All in One Snail Repair Cream, going to Suzy

Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45 Ampoule, staying with me

So yay, lots of new stuff to try out and review for you guys! I was most excited about receiving the Wonder Pore Brush from Etude House, Milk Creamy Nail Polish from Skinfood and Snail & EGF Repairing Cream from Secret Key to replace my Avon Botanicals one but I couldn't wait to receive everything!

All through the order, Koreadepart's customer service was excellent. I bugged them twice about the shipping invoice in my panicked mode and they were very courteous and made me feel more at ease about it. 
 photo blogsubtitletldr_zps64edb4a5.png
Okay, it's very fun to browse all the products Koreadepart have to offer and place an order. If you're not used to placing order with Asian countries, such as Taobao services, sending manual payments and paying separately for shipping may be a bit daunting but it's all very trustworthy and safe. Remember to mark payments as "Goods" and watch out for any holidays! It took a little while to receive my shipping invoice but that was because of the holiday and no doubt getting everything from different departments/warehouses and packaging everything up. Customer service is fast, polite and helpful and shipping is amazingly fast - some of the fastest I've experience yet! They package up everything wonderfully, nothing was damaged and included loads of freebies. I am 100% going to order from Koreadepart again and already have a growing wishlist! I give them 5 stars out of 5!

Have you given Korean cosmetics a try yet? They're cheap, usually effective (although there will always be below-par ones and ones where you get what you pay for) and some are so adorable! They cater to all skin types, ages and all provide different benefits. If you'd like to join in future group orders, don't hesitate to get in touch! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this review! ^_~


  1. EEEEKK! Super silly of me to forget about blogs, I am SO excited to get everything. Feel free to photo anything to include in your post, I totally dont mind.

    I'll be doing the same anyway lmao!

    1. Aww, that's really sweet! Thanks for your comment, I totally loved doing this order!

  2. how much did you pay for the shipping

    1. Our original shipping was $38.44 but two of our products were out of stock so they took the amount off the shipping, making it around $26.96! Hope this helps! <3

  3. hi, i m Kyoko living in Japan.

    This is beauty paper of a brand made in Kyoto Japan.

    "Youjiya"it was very good!!

    plz look!


    1. Thank you very much! I have seen the style of artwork before, like in photos of what Japanese girls are carrying around in their bags so I bet it is very popular! I will check out the website for more Japanese cosmetics too!

  4. Hi Geisha Baby :)

    I'm going crazy trying to make an account on their website. I don't understand what I need to put for the webmail alphanumeric section. I tried all 3 of my email addresses (all containing letters and numbers) but it wouldn't accept. I even made a new email address...like 5 minutes ago? hoping that it'd accept, but it didn't. My friend got me addicted to korean cosmetics and skin care this year haha, and so, I would very much like to "try free samples for members only" on their website. Can you please help me on what I need to do? I have yahoo accounts.

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment, I'm so sorry about the late reply! I'm having trouble replying to comments on my laptop and now my wi-fi is playing up. =/ That's so strange, I haven't had any problems creating an account?

      Perhaps try using a different Internet browser? I use Chrome and sometimes Firefox plays up with me, especially uploading items like pictures, videos, etc. so it could be something like that? I hope this helps, feel free to come back if it doesn't work!

  5. I just love korean cosmetics. Great haul :3

  6. Hello geisha baby!!
    I was abt to order from koreadepart but i got stuck on phone number part lol. Can u help me out pleasee??? like show me like +44 area code bla bla. I would really appreciate it. First I took ages to choose the products and then got stuck in the process. :'( . I really want to order fast and get my hands on the product lol (hate waiting hahah). Btw I like ur review its goooo.ooood!! post more reviews :DDD
    PLEASEEE REPLY FAST!!! (no pressure)
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi there! Sorry I didn't reply in time but I'm glad you got it sorted out - I can't remember having any trouble with my phone number but like I said, I'm glad you sorted it out! Happy holidays! :)

  7. Hi again lol!! I was able to order finally!! (my sis solved the prblm easily πŸ˜…hehe.. pheww.. srry for the trouble.
    Merry christmas!! πŸŽ…πŸŽ‰

  8. Hi, I have a question. For shipping, did you choose EMS or did you choose RAM? EMS was double the cost but after reading site reviews,if EMS is that much quicker that the 14-40 days estimated by RAM, maybe I should choose that?

    1. Hi there! When I last placed an order with Korea Depart, there was only EMS shipping available so I had to go with that. Nowadays I would choose RAM as it is cheaper and I am not in a rush for my items! So if you don't need them immediately and would like to save some money, I'd recommend RAM!

  9. Just recieved my 1st koreadepart order and I got charged import tax and parcel force clearane fees . so beware of xtra cost .Parcel force wouldn't deliver until I pay.

    1. Yes, that can happen sometimes. Koreadepart won't declare the value lower than it is so you get charged the full amount. I get customs charges whenever I order from Koreadepart but it's usually only around £20-£30 each time, so divided between me and my friends, it isn't so bad. If I'm buying a lot at a time, it still works out cheaper than buying with the marked up prices on eBay.

  10. Excellent, thorough review! Loved the pics too. Thanks for all the info!

  11. Im happy you could enjoy such a nice experience with them. but with me, Koreadeparts customer service doesnt reply to my email, I dont know whats wrong. I paid the invoice and on paypal it says theres a problem with the merchants paypal account. Im quite worried i wont get my stuff :S