Monday, 1 October 2012

Review: Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Ice

Today I am doing the first of many Avon reviews I have friend Suzy is an Avon representative and brought me lots of items to try out when I last saw her! This is Avon's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Ice. Do you like the new review layout inspired by Airi's Blog? It keeps everything looking cleaner and more professional - also it stops me rambling and keeps the focus on what you need to know! ^^; So, without further adieu, let's get started!

Brand: Avon
Name: Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner
Shade: Black Ice
Where to buy: Avon website or through local Avon representatives

Glimmerstick Diamonds promises "gorgeously soft and creamy pencil adds a sparkling line to your eyes. Glides on smoothly, won't pull or tug skin."

The packaging is pretty standard of Avon's packaging nowadays...clean, chic, sophisticated and a tad boring but I guess that's the look they go for, being a catalogue cosmetics company; when you order cosmetics through a catalogue, you feel posh and luxurious so it only makes sense your cosmetics look luxurious and not overly fussy.

I do quite like how everything comes in a box now, especially since I don't know what Suzy gives me! So it's like an extra thing to open and keep the surprise. It is wasteful however, as once I use the product I throw the box away as I'm not going to resell it or anything - even if I did, it would be through a swap or trade on Reddit and boxes aren't really necessary!

The shade is "Black Ice", which is a glimmery version of black. The line, Glimmerstick Diamonds, are glittery eyeliners but are a subtle, "diamond" glimmer, not preteen offbrand party lipstick glitter.

To be honest, the glitter isn't that evident and certainly doesn't sparkle or add anything when applied to the eyes. Because of the "sparkle" added, this isn't an extreme black either so is best for softer or everyday looks.

Application is smooth and problem-free, perfect for both beginners in eyeliner application and hardened veterans. It doesn't pull or tug, as promised but I kind of pull my eyelid straight whilst applying anyway. The only time it does tug is when it's blunted down a bit and you're hitting your eye with the plastic container and need to twist it up again. 

Another benefit is that these eyeliners are the no-sharpen kind! Simply twist the top of the container clockwise and some more of the eyeliner pops up. However, because of this, it's always a rounded tip and you'll have a hard time getting super crisp and thin lines. When lining the inner corner of my eyes, I obviously want a tapered line so I use the edge of the liner and have no trouble achieving the look I desire.

Okay, I have false eyelashes on here and you can see a small hint of sparkle but that's it really. I have a really cute liquid eyeliner that is black with gold sparkles in my make-up box - applied over plain black eyeliner, it really gives a cuter and sparkly finish to eyes. That eyeliner is cheapy cheap offbrand but works really well so I would expect Avon to have more sparkle in their eyeliners. I switch up my everyday Avon eyeliner with this one a couple of days a week but not because it makes my eyes sparkle.

I have found, with this line of eyeliners and the plain Glimmerstick eyeliners, they do stay on really well. They don't smudge once applied yet are easy to remove at the end of the day or if you make a mistake and last all day without running, smudging or flaking. I winged my everyday eyeliner look out yesterday and accidentally rubbed the corner of my eye, where the flick was but after checking it in a mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to see you couldn't even tell it had been touched. 

 photo blogsubtitletldr_zps64edb4a5.png
This is a good quality eyeliner that is a good price (£6 usually, mostly on sale for £3) applies easily, delivery mostly what it promises (doesn't pull or tug skin), stays on all day with little effort and comes in a variety of shades. The sparkle isn't quite what I hoped however and doesn't give you a really shimmery, pretty effect. This is best suited to softer, everyday looks. 

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  1. I think that this diamond eyeliner is cool and gives a perfect shape to the eyes. I am currently using it and it gives the perfect lining to the eyes and I would recommend it to others.