Monday, 8 October 2012

Lolita Photoshoot for Rocking Horse Designs!

Hi hi everyone! How are you all today? I'm okay, it was just a regular day, I guess...which is why I've turned to blogging! A couple of weeks ago I travelled up to Manchester to take part in a group photoshoot for my friend Joanne's Lolita clothing brand, Rocking Horse Designs. She made an item for each of us to wear and showcase; mine was a beautiful black and pink checkered dress with a white border print of Cinderella on it! I bought it afterwards as it is just too beautiful to give up! It is sooo amazingly high quality too, it's lined with pink dressmaker's lining, has an attached "underskirt", lots of pretty black eyelet lace, bows, a cute halterneck design and came with a matching bag! Anyway, Joanne got the photos back from the shoot the other week and I thought I'd show you guys! All photos are owned by Rocking Horse Designs, Lara Dee Armaghan and Lianne Salem.


That's my awesome friend Jenn modelling a skirt made in the same fabric with me. She looked great! I really liked those stepping stones we had a few pictures taken at but I'm not sure if they were part of an office complex, uni dorm, was so weird. There was no one about except for a security guard and whatever they were, they had their own Starbucks! I wonder if the public could buy a coffee from there or is it strictly for the workers? But yeah, the security guard moved us along after like, 5 minutes... >_> Boo!

I had a lot of fun at the shoot and we went to a 50s themed cafe and had milkshakes too! We also took photos there, I had a slush. XD I've also done a photoshoot since them with Yuri Lowell from SJ Images - I'll show you those soon enough! Just a short post today but what do you think? If you want gorgeous, made to measure Lolita dresses, no matter what your size, check Joanne out!


  1. These pictures are absolutely wonderful!!! My favorites are the two first! <3

    1. Thank you so much! ^////^ Pretty much everyone has said that lol! About the first two being their's strange how sometimes you can't see the best ones yourself but they are very popular among other people!

      Thanks so much for commenting! <3