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Craft Tutorial: OTT Hime Deco Craft Box

Today I'm here with a super awesome tutorial! Yay~! I do really want to make more tutorials and stuff as they're just so useful and nice posts! They're better than personal "look at me, I'm so awesome" posts and concentrate more on my blog readers! So, wanna make a super awesome OTT Hime Deco craft box? 

In case you're wondering what OTT Hime Deco is, OTT obviously stands for "Over the top", "Hime" means "princess" in Japanese and "deco" is short for "decoden", which is a hobby where you decorate phone cases, MP3 players, calculators, hairbrushes, jewellery, etc. with lots of cute decorations, charms and cabochons in your personal style. There are three types of decoden, give or take - sweets, bling and hime. 

Sweets is all yummy looking, using "whipped cream" as a base, lots of food and candy based cabochons like ice cream, doughnuts, macaroons, marshmallows, etc. Lots of Lolita like this style because it's so cute. 

Bling decoden is covered in rhinestones and more fashionable cabochons and decorations, like shoes, phones, handbags, bows, brand names (Chanel, Barbie, etc.) and is all blingy and shiny, like a rapper or hip hop star! Because of this, more Gyaru like this style and it plays a big part in decoration Gyaru-style false nails too. 

Hime decoden makes items look all princessy, luxurious, decadent and over the top with lots of lace, roses, rhinestones, pearls, gold metals, ribbon, etc.! Hime Gyaru and very girly Lolita like Hime deco! I love all styles but I haven't had a chance to make anything in Hime style before so I jumped at the chance to decorate all my craft boxes in Hime style to make them super cute, sweet looking and to make them all look the same. At the moment, they're just shoe boxes from T.U.K. and Iron Fist.

Anyway, let's get onto the photo-filled tutorial!

Take a sturdy box that you either already use or want to use and fill up with crafts. This is a T.U.K. box I got when I bought some shoes and I already use it for my nail art supplies. Take off all the price labels, tags, etc. to make a smoother surface and take out all the craft supplies.


If you have a plain box or paler designs, you may be able to get away with just covering the box as it is. I covered mine in white paper as the stark black and red design showed through the pink fabric I'm going to use to cover it.

Next, you can either cover your box with fabric or paint. I chose fabric as I have some light pink bed linens I bought from a charity shop for £3 and cut up to use as normal fabric. In order to cover the box efficiently, my graphics lessons come in handy! You need to make a proper net of the box (if you're using fabric).  Lay your fabric on the floor, right side down (design/better side of the fabric facing the floor). Place your box on the fabric, just normally with the base of the box on the bottom. Trace around the base with a pencil, dressmaker's chalk/pencil or whatever you fancy, just as long as it doesn't show through the other side! When you've traced the base. tilt the box left to trace the left side. Tilt it back to its base and tilt it right to trace around the right side. Tilt it back and tilt it up to trace around the top edge and just keep doing this to make a net. Make sure to do it for the lid too! After you have the net, cut it out but make sure to leave 2 inches all the way around for flaps to glue down. In order to glue the fabric down properly so no edges stick out, taper the flaps inwards at the edges, as shown in the photos below.

Next, you have to glue it together! I used a hot glue gun but you can use normal PVA if you have something heavy to press against it whilst it dries. Fold the flaps down over the inside and glue them down. Pull the fabric tight to make it smooth over the box and glue down the other flaps.

I found that a couple of the flaps had to be glued down on the outside of the box but that's no problem as you'll no doubt be covering it in lace and adorable stuff! When you're done, you should have a lovely, plain pink base box ready to stick stuff all over it! It's also a good idea to line the inside in either felt or card in a colour that matches your outer fabric! But I forgot to do this so I'll have to do it at a later date, before I deco the rest of the box!

To make things easier whilst you're decorating, get all the items, trims, flowers, etc. all together so you're not searching for stuff halfway through decoration! Below I have all the lace, ribbons, trims, flowers and appliques I bought.


I bought the adorable appliques (strawberries, teddy bears, satin roses, hearts, etc.) on eBay for super cheap prices. The artificial pink roses I bought for 99p a bunch in my home town and cut them down! I also kept the leaves and gyp for whatever reasons I might use them.

Hime deco also makes use of charms, chains, links with pearls and beads on, etc. for a lovely, decorative dangling look. Hime usually uses gold toned metals for a more luxurious look but you can use silver or antique bronze if you prefer for a cooler toned look. I also collected all the beads, charms, cabochons and findings I may or may not use, depending on the designs I have in mind!


Before you get designing and gluing, I find it helps to draw out a couple of designs, particular points in designs, etc. to help work out what I want to do first. 

As this is the first craft box I will be deco-ing, I can make lots of different designs and use the ones I want. I decided for this one, I wanted to use some rose buds as the main point in the middle. Now for some Hime deco point 101! To make gathered rose buds, take your artificial flowers and cut the stems off as far as you can with scissors or wire cutters.

Gather two of them together and work out where is easiest to glue them (where they touch the most) and glue whereabouts you think they touch. Glue them together and stick your glue gun into the gaps and fill with more glue to make them more sturdy. Do the same with the third rose bud or leave it as two if you prefer.

I wanted to glue them in the middle of the top of the box but have a gathered lace ruffle all around them. The lace needs to be below the roses to make it easier to glue. You have to work in layers in Hime deco to make everything look its nicest and easier to glue down.

After you've decided what you want to do, draw around the rose buds to get the general shape of them. You wouldn't want to make a perfect circle out of gathered lace and find out it's too big and you see all the glue and hems or too small and you can't see the lace! I drew around the flowers in pencil and have gone around the inside using the brush tool on Photoshop to exaggerate it for you:

To start making the gathered lace ruffle, squeeze a line of glue on the line you drew. I do mine in sections as it takes time to gather the lace and the glue will dry too quickly. To gather lace, the best method I found was to glue down the section of lace and stop just before the part you want to ruffle. Hold the lace close to where it's glued down and fold a small section over on itself to make a tiny pleat. Glue down a little bit more of the lace flat and keep repeating to gather it! You can leave smaller or larger sections of flat lace to make it more or less gathered. This is hopefully what you'll have after some gathering!

Do the same all the way around the line you drew.

Now you've got your gathered lace circle, it's time to glue your roses down! Figure out where you want them to be and where is easiest to glue them. After you've glued them down a little bit, poke your glue gun into the gaps and fill with more glue to make them more secure.

Afterwards, I made a square ruffle of gathered pink lace and put white satin ribbon bows and hot pink satin roses in each corner.

Next, I made some more pink gathered lace trims either side of the roses. I did it on each side and facing each other to look like one symmetrical ruffle and added a flatback pearl trim in the middle of them to finish it off and hide the glue.

Next, I added a pre-gathered organza trim which is pink with white polka dots. One reason I did this was that I realised I had glued the roses and square ruffle slightly too down and the top space was larger than the bottom. Because the polka dotted trim is large, it hides some of the space and makes it look more even. Also it only covers the top space as the bottom trim hangs down! I also added some white and pink gathered lace around the left and right edges before the organza trim.

By this time, you're about finished - I can't really add much more without it looking too busy and not in an OTT way! In a "I just glued this down just because" way. After playing around with some more applique, I settled on pink polka dotted ribbons and hot pink strawberry appliques! This time I am done!

Now you just have to do all the other sides! Yes, that was only one side and if you want it to look OTT Hime, you have to do all of them! XD Except the back edge and the bottom of the box or else it won't lie flat and I can't push it to the back of a wall or anything. Including covering the box in the pink fabric and decorating the top, this took me around two hours. I expect it will take me around 4-5 more hours to finish all the other sides! No wonder OTT Hime stuff is expensive to buy as it is time consuming but it is so much fun! I love starting with something plain and little by little, turning it adorable and frilly! Because I wear black and pink a lot in real life and dress mostly Gothy, Punky or Lolita, I feel like I can have lots of pink frilly decor items like these craft boxes! I do really love Hime Lolita and Hime Gyaru fashion too but it would have to have black mixed in too to make me feel comfortable! I would love to make jewellery and accessories using my Hime Deco materials too so maybe watch out for those in my shop soon?! 

I hope you liked this tutorial and it helps you turn a boring, plain shoebox into an adorably cute, frilly OTT Hime deco box! You can make lots more to store all your items in, like craft supplies and you can also do this for smaller items such as keyrings, pillboxes, etc.! Thank you! ^_~


  1. I just looove this tutorial!!! It's helpful and so cute!!! I've tried it but in a more "gothic lolita" way ;-) Thanks

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! I'd love to see what you've made! I think it would look super cute in a Gothic Lolita style; like all elegant and decadent with black and whatever other colours you'd want to use! Thanks for commenting! ^_~ xxx

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    1. Thank you very much! I hope you get to try it on an item of your choice and you have fun! ^^