Thursday, 20 September 2012

Review: Madame Dee's Creations Handmade Jewellery & Accessories

Hi everyone! Today I have another review for you, for Madame Dee's Creations! She is a wonderfully talented crafter of alternative jewellery and accessories, including Gothic, Steampunk and Lolita. She sent me two of her bestsellers to review - this review has been overdue for quite some time as I've been a tad busy, I'm so sorry for that! T_T

Dani @ Madame Dee's Creations was very pleasant to talk to and after she had announced she'd dispatched the items, they arrived a few days after. Very well packaged and very prettily! In red tissue paper and attached to her business cards. Let's take a looksie! Click any of the photos to make them larger.

These are her skeleton hand hair clips with a white and red bow design! However, they are such bestsellers that they are out of stock permanently as Dani is unable to get the skeleton hands back in stock! Boo! I hope you snatched yours up quickly! These stand out excellently in my black hair, wanna see?

Such a cute and creepy look! These are very Kreepsville 666 inspired but much cheaper and way cuter! I always find the Kreepsville skeleton hands are a bit thin for my liking...the red satin bows are a nice touch too. I teamed this with a red and black outfit, wearing my Bodyline black and red butterfly skirt and a black chiffon blouse.

These hair clips are very well-made and feel very sturdy. I have dealt with these kind of hair clips before, however, and must warn that the fingers are easily snapped off if not packaged correctly, dropped or stood on. They were relatively easy to put on but the crocodile clips were a bit oddly placed and therefore a bit fiddly to open up. Because the crocodile clips weren't near the fingers, the top part of the clip didn't feel securely in place but they didn't budge all day! I would give these a 4/5 if I had to rate them separately, maybe the crocodile clips could be placed over the fingers too in order to secure the whole clip on? I'm not sure if you'd see them through the fingers though, although you wouldn't in my hair...okay, I'm rambling now, onto the next cute clips! A must-have for any perky Goth girl, black glittery bat hair clips!


Dani was very kind enough to add a touch of glitter so they stood out in my hair a bit more...I really love the effect and the glitter doesn't get everywhere! These are a bit easier to put in than the skeleton ones as they are smaller and lighter and again, stay in all day.

These look so so cute gently scraping your hair back, like little bats are stuck in them! Of course, I'd freak out if that really happened but you know me - I love fake creepy crawlies all over me! I'm planning a great Halloween Lolita outfit for my local Halloween meet! I would give these a 5/5 as there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and the glitter is such a cute addition.

I got lots of compliments wearing both sets of hair clips on separate occasions - they both have such a cute Goth look about them but you can wear them in lots of different ways, with lots of different outfits and colours. I'd definitely purchase these in the future as Dani is located in Chesterfield, which I used to visit for shopping when I lived in my hometown, Alfreton, and they are reasonably priced at £8.95 for a pair of skeleton hand hair clips and £4.50 for a pair of bat hair clips! You can check out her awesome creations on Facebook at the moment - she is currently moving her website so that will be up soon.

Do you love her cute Gothy creations? I sure do! I'm really excited for Halloween at the moment, I grabbed myself a pair of cute black and white spider print tights from Poundland the other day - sure, other people might use them for costumes but I, however, will use them all the time! It's Halloween every day for me! What do you think of Madame Dee's Creations? Be sure to stop by and say hi!

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