Sunday, 2 September 2012

10 Things I Hate In Lolita

Hi all! How are you all today? I've just come back from a trade show in Birmingham NEC and have a slight headache...I'm not sure if it's the lights, heat, trains or just being involved with society but I'm sure it will pass! I'll take my mind off of it by writing another mini insight into my Lolita world! Unfortunately this one is going to seem a lot like bitching or flaming but of course I mean no one specifically and everyone's opinions differ so take this with a pinch of salt! 10 Things I Hate...or should I say, Dislike in Lolita!

The only time you want your socks to have a "fallen down" look

1. I really dislike when my socks fall down! I know this may seem trivial but it seems slightly impractical when you put on socks but have to constantly tug them up all day! It's really annoying! Thankfully though, a lot of cuts seem to stay up on their own at the moment. I was wearing a pair of thigh high offbrand black socks the other day and even though thigh highs usually slip down, these stayed up all day! I also have an adorable pair of grey checkered ones from Bodyline that cut off just under the knee and they stay up also! I think it all depends on where they cut off and how tight they are when you wear them.

2. I have come to accept that Lolita is a rather expensive hobby, although with an eagle eye for bargains and patience, you can discover some amazing finds for equally amazing prices. Lolita is also a niche market, exclusive fashion that many of the "big" companies are still in fact very small and can only afford to product a print in maybe two or three of every colourway. That's fine but I guess it irks me when you see something on EGL sales or the sales on Facebook and people are selling them at over inflated prices, stating it's "rare and sought after". The brand aren't going to be getting any of that money, it's just greedy money to spend on more pretty dresses that you will probably sell at a later date. Even more so when people try to sell things above the original retail price! So they're trying to make profit on it now? There is a rough formula for working out how much you should sell something for and people should stop being greedy and trying to con other girls out of money.

3. Surprisingly, "the reaction of the public" is not something that is going to be on this list. I understand we dress differently and whilst people should be considerate and get on with their own petty lives, you'll always have weirdos who try to make you feel embarassed or just can't seem to accept why you're dressed the way you are. Hey, I had and still do have it for what's considered my "normal" way of dressing! But something that also bothers me is when I go to meets and some of the girls really kick off about having their photo taken. Okay, some of them take sneaky ones whilst we are posing for our own photos or others people have asked for, but some people are too embarassed or shy to ask us if they can have out picture! We're dressed strangely, of course people are going to ask for our pictures! I understand if you don't like your photo being taken but really, why wear something that stands out if you want to be ignored?

Picture unrelated, not saying this girl isn't wearing make-up! Isn't she adorable though?

4. Girls who don't wear make-up in Lolita. There, I said it. I know some people will hate me for this but I can't understand the notion of wanting to dress prettily, taking the time to plan outfits, put on petticoats, dresses, blouses, etc. to then say "Nah, I won't bother with make-up!" or "I don't wear it, period!". Some people overdo it but make-up enhances and brings out features in people and it also takes attention away from features you might not like, like your nose or uneven lips. Sometimes it even seems wigs takes priority over make-up, like having a wig makes you more of a Lolita than looking presentable with natural hair. So sue me.

5. If people ask for constructive criticism, or even just a "What do you think?" and someone gently gives them advice on something they could do to make it better, it's upsetting when they immediately put their guard up and  start trying to defend what they did. For example, if you say "Maybe try a different shade of eyeshadow? It kind of makes you washed out. And you could always try practising with eyeliner to get straighter lines, practice makes perfect!", you don't really want "Yeah well, that's the only eyeshadow I had on hand at the time! And I wasn't feeling well that day so that's why the eyeliner is wonky, it's not my fault. God, you ask for advice and can't do anything right, can you?" as a response as it puts you off giving advice in the future to someone who may not respond like that.

Christ, look at the poof!

6. Okay, we all strive for the floofiest, poofiest petticoat EVAR but it does have disadvantages! I hate knocking things off of tables and when I go on a train or bus, I have to squish it in front of me to fit down the aisle and try to push it all out at the front when I sit down so it's not all exposed... XD I also have to walk round the other side of the table in my living room than I usually do as I can destroy bikes, cups and all manner of things...T_T

7. Okay, another quite controversial one this time...I dislike when you go to read Loli_Valentines and it's just clogged up with 20 Valentines from the same person and they're all just half-arsed captions like "Gorgeous!", "Beautiful!" and "Lovely!". It's lovely that you went to a meet, maybe it was your first time, and had a wonderful time and made lots of new friends but you don't have to make a Valentine for everyone. You can tell which people they actually wanted to make Valentines for as they have a more thought-out and honest comment and you can tell which Valentines they didn't really think about and just stuck on a generic compliment because they'd feel bad if they didn't make one for everyone in the group. To be honest, if I saw Valentines for everyone who attended a meet I went to too, and saw mine that simply said "Pretty!", I'd be like "Oh, they didn't really want to put mine and some other peoples', we're just like add-ons... T_T". I'd rather have no Valentine!

8. Sometimes I wish headbows weren't so big from places like Bodyline and brands. It feels like they only cater to OTT styles and people who wear wigs. I think if you're wearing a wig with lots of cute curls and pigtails, a normal sized headbow would look smaller in comparison and a larger one offsets the size and looks normal again. Seeing as I don't wear wigs, however, I can't really wear the ones they include with dresses, or put waistbows on headbands/clips as they're almost the width of my head. 0_0

9. It seems that it's ridiculously hard to find Lolita dress patterns anywhere at all! To be honest, patterns still confuse me, even though I will try to use one after J-Con, even if I don't understand it - I'll just follow it step by step, like putting together furniture! And some people say "alter existing, mainstream patterns" but that's even harder! You can find some nice vintage ones that all you might need to do is add a more gathered skirt, but it seems like people who make Lolita clothes and do have patterns or make their own hold them for dear life and don't want to tell anyone else in case they start making their own clothes instead of buying them.

10. As with all "friendship groups", you always get an annoying or weird one or two. I think it's super annoying though that, in Lolita fashion, because they attend a meet or wear the same fashion as you, you have to be their friend. Some people click, some don't. Just because you like the same style of clothes doesn't mean we have anything else in common and that we have to be super duper Lolita best friends. Just leave me alone!

Okay, I feel that sometimes descended into mini-rants but never mind! It's good to get it off of your chest. I think that is why so many girls love reading or making mean Lolita Secrets (or should I say Behind The Bows entries?) - because they feel they can't say it in real life and must be super nice and polite to every Lolita they see. You don't do that in real life so why anywhere else? If everyone was allowed to let off steam and know who their friends are and who they aren't so keen on, there wouldn't be so many bitchy, ranty Behind The Bows entries! Whoops, that turned out to be No. 11 so I'll stop right there and see you next time!

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  1. I love your honesty, it's so refreshing!

    1. Ha ha, thank you very much! That's very relieving to here but even if people don't like it, what can you do? Most "10 Things I Hate in Lolita" are "I hate knocking things over with my petticoat!" but there are real-life dislikes to Lolita too. <3