Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review: Emiko Designs Handmade Jewellery

This post is sponsored by Emiko Designs, don'tcha know. ^_~

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope awesomesauce! ^^ The other day I received some goodies from indie alternative jewellery store, Emiko Designs. The owner, Emma and I are indirected friends from VampireFreaks and jolly old Facebook so she contacted me inquiring if I would review some of her items for her. Of course I said yes!

I actually won a giveaway of hers last April, in which the prize was a handmade octopus cameo necklace. It is super cute so I'm throwing it into the review also to compare her items from last year (the octopus necklace was one of the first things she made) and her newer items!

Okay, so we first set up the proposition the 23th & 24th of June. I picked a beachball bracelet in black and a necklace aptly named Lolita Anatomy to review and the items were shipped 26th June. I received them on the 28th June, which is super duper fast! Seriously, stuff shipping from the UK to other places inland aren't even this fast usually. Emiko Designs is based in Belgium and you can find her blog here and Facebook page here.

On to pictures!

As you can see, the items were packaged very well, plenty enough for two items of jewellery. ^^ Each item was also separately wrapped in bubble wrap inside the jiffy bag too, making everything extra secure.

Emma also included some absolutely adorable little paper stars in the package! As I took the necklace out of the bag, one of them dropped onto the floor and I was like "0_0 what the fuck" but I love them so much! Emma said she puts them in her packages because all of her customers are stars - that is so so cute and thoughtful. One thing I love about handmade stores is that they give so much love and consideration to their customers, far more than mass-produced stuff. You don't see Primark throwing paper stars at you! I love taking care of my customers too; after all, they're what make you! Most people would throw away the paper stars after admiring them for a minute or so but I really don't want to! I want to put them in resin jewellery or something like that, a little keepsake. ^^

This is the bracelet I chose in black, the beachball one. It's so so cute, I really love it! The striped beachball beads remind me of peppermint candy too, or Beetlejuice! I was really torn between a pink or black beachball bracelet but black will go with so many things and looks really edgy and stark!

The quality of the bracelet is very nice - the beads have a weighty feel to them, but not too heavy - just enough so you know it's sturdy. The only thing I would say is that the elastic is a little too stretchy, and therefore a little loose - it's very easy to put on and will fit all wrist sizes but when I try to pull bags off of my arms, one little tug and the bracelet comes off too. Source? When I went shopping with my friend Suzy last Saturday and we were laden with bags! This bracelet costs a great 3 euros, or around £2.50 each and come in three colours, light pink, blue and black.

Now onto the necklace! I chose the Lolita Anatomy one because it is just so gorgeous and kind of twisted. I love the colours and the rhinestones on the baroque frame. I also really loved the Elegant Undead one too but because of the cream base colour rather than the pink, I chose this one. ^^ I wore this necklace the day the packaged arrive but my camera broke this day so I couldn't take any pictures...yet. Here are pictures of it, the size, etc!

This necklace is such a statement piece against regular jewellery and is a lot bigger than the octopus cameo necklace. The necklace isn't ridiculously heavy because it's made of resin mostly, but weighty enough to know it's durable and resilient. Speaking of durability, it's pretty damn durable! Very solid and the cameo definitely has no vibes of coming off any time soon.

The only thing is the first day I wore it and examined it, the bail had come out of the glue/resin slightly and could be rocked up and down slightly. I took it off after I discovered this so it couldn't have a chance of falling off until I fixed it. A dab of 2 part epoxy resin fixed it right up and I'm sure this hardly ever, if at all, happens. Anybody who isn't craftily minded could use super glue to secure it.

The quality of this necklace is really, really good - no B grade cameos bought from Chinese sellers on eBay and the baroque frame is absolutely gorgeous. I also think it's a really awesome, creative touch to put the pink & iridescent/AB rhinestones adorning the frame too, it gives it much more of a personal touch than just gluing a cameo to a setting. The AB (Aurora Borealis for those not in the know ^^) rhinestones are genuine Swarovski and are so shiny and glittery! Only having a selected colour of rhinestones be Swarovski means you can wear the elite prettiness without paying through the nose (like with decoden cases made solely from Swarovski o_O) and I always find using only Swarovski doesn't really make a different to customers anyway; it's just a nice touch added to the necklace.

I always love the cord chains Emma uses for her necklaces - rather than just be plain old black cord, they have two black cords and an organza ribbon too, it makes it seem much nicer than a plain cord and goes with the extravagant aesthetics she accomplishes so well. :) The price for this necklace is 15 Euros, or approximately £12.30, which I think is a very reasonable price for beautiful quality cameos in wonderful colours, rhinestones and the lovely necklace chain.

This is the necklace I won last April in comparison:

Whilst the quality is lovely, especially the antique bronze frame setting, I think using the resin cameos Emma uses now gives off a much more professional and opulent image to her business. I do think it is really cool that the cameo is handmade from clay, and marbled clay at that! I think it would be really awesome if she sold them alongside the other cameos. ^^ I am also very glad Emma has put the organza ribbon through the jump ring of the pendant too on her newer items!

All in all, I think Emiko Designs is an awesome and super cute place to go for handmade, affordable jewellery to match your romantic, melancholic Victorian, Gothic or Lolita outlook! Her items are very good quality, reasonably priced and postage is cheap and fast.


  1. So sorry to hear the bail came lose!
    I'll see if I can find some sturdier elastic for bracelets, it has already been quite the search!

    Thank you for this review <3

    1. Don't worry about it, it happens to every handmade artist, including myself! And maybe try eBay for elastic? I got some good stuff in a jewellery making kit but it's Japanese and is called "crystal string" XD. Or maybe a craft store in Belgium might have some? Thanks for your comment! <3

  2. I love the font and the design of your blog, it looks amazing.
    Also these products are adorable!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! ^^ They are, aren't they? I feel very honoured to review Emiko Designs!

  3. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.
    Navratna Mala

    1. Thank you so so much, glad you like! ^^