Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brand Spotlight: Rirandture

Hi all! Today I thought I would make a new series of articles featuring brands I love! I was inspired after seeing this cute brand on Poupee Girl, Rirandture! It was established last year and quickly got famous from womens' magazines. Their concept is "adult casual style" and "dress up casual" but I also think it has a cute, girly style similar to Liz Lisa, Laguna Moon and Cecil McBee. Oh, this series of articles has no affiliation or sponsorship by the brands (I wish!), I'd just like to showcase the brands that I like, show my style and if it gives people another brand or style to love, then that is the best! Well, I say show my style but sometimes it showcases styles I admire rather than ones I would wear. Most of this is a little too casual for my taste and doesn't have very many items in dark colours but I absolutely adore the floaty skirts, plaid dress and accessories! 

They do have a web-catalogue but it doesn't seem you can buy from them online just yet, here is their website. Here are a selection of their gorgeous items taken from Poupee Girl, credit given.

Isn't all their stuff so cute? It's not overly sweet though, so is perfect for mature romantic styles. I really like the bag too and it coordinates easily with the style so you'd always use it. They're a little pricey though; around £40 for a pair of earrings, £150 for a bag and £225 for a dress! I'm surprised they gained popularity within a year being a new brand Gwith these prices but who am I to judge? Whenever I read Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire, I'm shocked to find them claiming £60 for a tunic-style top is "reasonable" and dresses up to £300. The editors write articles about saving up for a pair of designer shoes every month and having to give it up for the credit crunch to see if they can live without - boo hoo! I would never pay those prices for boring, mainstream clothes but Lolita has broken me. ^^;

What do you think of Rirandture? Would you buy from it if you had the money? What are your favourite pieces? I'm having a beauty-themed giveaway at the moment to win a ton of items including hair, body lotion and tons of make-up so why don't you head on over and enter? What have you got to lose? ^_~

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