Friday, 31 August 2012

10 Things I Love In Lolita

Yay, another mini meme-based Lolita article! I'm really fired up to do these, they're really fun and interesting! They also give me a break from crafting too...only two weeks till J-Con now! Not sure whether a horrified or excited face is in order... :D D: Today's meme-article is 10 Things I Love In let's get to it!

1. Tights! Tights, tights, tights, I love 'em. I'm pretty sure they're a favourite of a lot of Lolitas but they're great for keeping that little bit warmer in winter. In summer too, even though they're an extra layer, they stop your legs from sticking together and getting sweaty and prickly heat. I'm also pretty short so knee socks cut my legs off most of the time and make me look stubby, whilst over the knee socks can't really be seen and sometimes look a little promiscuous. My latest tights wishlist at the moment include skeleton bone ones, ones with bats on and harlequin diamond tights.

2. I love mini hats in Lolita and even though they look like they're dying out now, I think they look adorable! Admittedly, some are a little OTT, like tricorns but mini tophats made Gothic Lolita a few years back! I also think mini straw and classic-style hats add a dash of cuteness to elegant outfits.

3. The sense of a close-knit community. Even though some think we're bitchy, and indeed there are elitists and bitches out there, I can't think of any other fashion or community that is quite as close as ours. We are few and far between so we connect through the Internet and try to meet up with as many local girls as possible for meets. We also even buy each others used clothes and accessories because they're so hard to find! That also keeps the resale value up considerably, which means people are more likely to buy and resell! Can you imagine if you bought a new AP print for £230 and the resale value was £40?

4. I really love the unique designs and prints of dresses that are being released. Not just from brands like AP and Baby, but handmade and indie brands are printing their own fabric and putting their own twist and styles into Lolita! I would really love to print my own fabric to make JSKs and OPs with but first I have to, y'know, learn how to make them.

5. I am a stereotypical shoe girl. I love love love shoes, especially interesting, quirky and cute ones. Oh, also sky-high ones! Anyway, Lolita has such awesome shoe designs and makes use of the mary-jane design to no end. You can't really find mary-jane shoes in mainstream fashion any more - if you do, they're quite childish or plain, or slutty "cute" Halloween costume-esque ones. I once bought a pair of white mary-janes for a Shiro coord but they were labelled as costume shoes for nurses, among other things.

6. Finding dear friends. It sounds soppy but it's true. A lot of Lolita girls can I say it? Not the norm. We don't usually go out clubbing or drinking. We don't meet new friends at the pub, add each other on Facebook and then never talk again. Lolita is a hobby that brings us all together and you find real friends by having other mutual hobbies and interests alongside Lolita, making friends for life!

7. The thought and time that goes into a complete coordinate. A lot of people are put off by Lolita because of this, and say "But there's too many rules!" and "It's so hard and elitist!" but I think the thought, time and yes, rules (although they're more like guidelines) make Lolita the beautifully polished, put-together and elaborate fashion it is. Isn't that the whole point of elaborate? You can't throw on a t-shirt and jeans but wear an AP headband and say "I'm Lolita!". I love planning coordinates to wear, thinking about tights, shoes, hair accessories, making nails to match, jewellery, what colour blouse and of course, the JSK or OP! The fact that Lolita fashion is so structured is what sets it apart from other fashions, especially mainstream which, right now, is nosediving into some sort of lazy, scummy pyjama wear.


8. Lolita fashion is very hard to find and more often than not, expensive so I find it really inspiring that so many girls say "Y'know what? Screw them! I'll make my own stuff!", fire up their sewing machine and make something sweet! So much so that some of us lucky things can make a few spare pennies or even dedicate their whole occupation to making gorgeous Lolita items for other girls. 

9. What is lovelier than seeing the perfect Lolita silhouette? Soft, curvy bosom, nipped in waist and a poofed out skirt, either bell or A-line shape depending on your preference. We all strive to get that perfect silhouette, making sure our JSK fits just right, our petticoat is poofy enough, it sits right at the waist so it doesn't make you look bigger than you are, etc. etc. I think the Lolita silhouette is so pretty and I always feel very special looking down and seeing my soft, poofy skirt underneath me.

10. The willingness to make yourself a better person. As I covered in my first point about wanting to be a lovely person after discovering Lolita, the same has to be said for a lot of Lolita girls. Obviously changing yourself into an entirely different person is not right, especially if it makes you unhappy, but wanting to improve your looks, practicing with make-up, finding a flattering hair cut (or wig!) and trying to be more polite can be nothing but great! Hopefully we are making the future filled with a couple more lovely individuals because, let's face it, we need it!

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