Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10 Things About My Lolita Bubble

Hello all! Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while, it's less than 20 days to my local convention, J-Con and I've been uber busy making things every night for my stall there. I'm super excited, I feel like my products reflect my store image a lot more than they did last year, when I had quite a few items that I started out making and just wanted to get rid of.

Anyway, I was reading a blog (can't remember which >_<) and they were doing The 30 Day Lolita Meme, which is very popular at the moment. I thought "I kind of want to do that!" but then I thought "Oh, I don't wanna bombard everyone with a different post everyday" so I've decided I'll just make each day into a mini Lolita article and do it in my own time. Maybe afterwards I'll do the Gyaru one, although I don't think I'm anywhere near to qualifying as a proper Gyaru. Today I'll be writing about my Lolita bubble! Everyone has one. They can't do without some things, they despise others and things that aren't in their bubble, they don't really pay attention to. Here's my 10!

1. Lolita is a way of life for me. I know some people think that's silly and some people always go as far to say "I guess I've always been a Lolita!". The latter is not true. I agree, I never knew a fashion style like this existed before I learned about it but I felt, and still do feel, that it encompasses everything I want to be, look like and act in life. I've always liked pretty or delicate hobbies; when I was younger, I love writing, reading and drawing. Nowadays I still love reading but I also love baking and sewing. Some people say that Lolita shouldn't change who you are; it's not a costume you put on and automatically become a different person. However, it makes me aspire to be the person I want to be - polite, kind, sweet, beautiful, doll-like, feminine, fragile and princess-like. In and out of Lolita. So I will always apply Lolita-style aesthetics and behaviour to my lifestyle as it is who I want to become, a better person, in the long run whether I continue to wear it or not.

2. My Lolita bubble is pretty small. Some Lolita girls find their "community" is online rather than in real life, at meets and the such, some vice versa. Mine is kind of in the middle. I'm quite...okay, very introverted and I spent many years on the online community before venturing out to meets and making IRL friends. Now I have a small handful (like, if you chopped some fingers off) of real life Lolita friends but I still socialise with them online a lot as we live quite far away. I have two or three close Lolita friends including my best Lolita friend who I love dearly and then a couple of surrounding friends who are lovely and are always at the meets I attend. I still find it hard making new friends! >_<

3. My Lolita bubble is very black. You wouldn't think it, looking at my blog layout and 8th Sin - as far as surroundings and layouts are concerned, I want everything to be as pretty, frilly and bright as possible but for me, it's gotta be black. I've always been a Gothic Lolita and although I do want to explore Classic, Punk and Pirate, it will have to be dark colourways or at least 60% black. I love bittersweet too, but that is only really sweet dresses in black.

4. Gotta love the decorated nails! I know they tend to be more Gyaru-based but uber decorated nails are seeping out into the Lolita, and even Fairy Kei worlds. I love it! I love spending time planning and decorating nails to make and sell, especially making ones to match particular outfits I will wear to a meet or something. 

5. I'm also all for stereotypical Lolita events. The more tea parties and picnics, the better! I seriously wouldn't complain if every month's meet was at a different tearoom or something! I love just sitting and chatting with my friends over tea and scrumptious cake. I also feel wonderfully sophisticated and properly Lolita.

6. My Lolita bubble is very handmade orientated. My first items were commissioned from a local seamstress and I still love most of the items. It also spurred me to get my hands stuck into crafts and sewing to make my Lolita wardrobe less laughable. I adore making jewellery and accessories for me and my customers! I also love sewing, making cute hair bows and skirts. I definitely want to try out bodices soon - they're so confusing and there is so little on the Internet for Lolita style JSKs. I do have a vintage, serafuku style dress pattern that, with a bit more gathered skirt, would be amazing for Classic and Sailor Lolita. I also have a gothic Mercy dress with a shirred back that I think I'll try to trace the pattern of and give it a shot. It's a good thing I bought waaaay too much gold dressmakers lining so I have lots to practice with!

7. I don't own much brand. At all. I do want to, though! I don't think brand is the be all and end all of Lolita but there sure are some beautiful designs and prints out there, plus without brands we wouldn't have nearly enough choice regarding designs and stores. Without the secured popularity of brands, Taobao shops and Bodyline wouldn't have been able to start up! D: My favourite brands are Angelic Pretty, Alice & the Pirates and Metamorphose. I also love Innocent World for darker classical items.

8. I definitely love Lolita and classic inspired decor! And even though I'm a dark girl, I'd love the ultra frilly, hime/OTT Sweet stuff you see with lots of ruffles and decoden! But unfortunately (well, not really!) I live with my partner and it'd be far too girly for him! Even the vintage, classic inspired stuff might be! Then again, I am the woman of the house and men shouldn't really care that much about long as it's clean, the woman can have around 70% say on what it looks like!

9. Oh, going on from my point above, I am uber traditional like that! It's why I love Lolita in the first place! Who doesn't want to look like a cute, elegant doll-like lady? But I also love being a housewife of sorts, cooking, cleaning (well, not so much so D:) and making sure my man is looked after. I also believe in children after marriage, even though Rob thinks having children before marriages gives you a chance to see what that person is really like taking care of another human being.

10. I prefer blouses and JSKs to blouses + skirts or OPs. I know it's pretty lazy as skirts and blouses take more coordination but when given the choice between an OP or JSK, I usually prefer the cut of a JSK (except the Antique Clock or military bodice style OPs!). I also feel you can get away with having less of a Lolita wardrobe with JSKs. Maybe I would like blouses and skirts more if I had things like cute waistcoats to put over the top! And sometimes I feel like you're looked down upon if you wear a blouse and you haven't got a "proper" wardrobe or they dub you "Casual Lolita" still takes the same, if not more, time and effort! Don't make us sound so lazy!

...I'm okay now, rant over! ^^; I hope you liked the start of these mini articles and that they are an insight into the Lolita part of my life! Do you feel like you have a Lolita "bubble"? What's in it? I hope you do the 30 Day Meme too! <3

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