Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer 2012 Wishlist

Today I thought I'd just slam a load of pictures down of pretty stuff I want at the moment/for summer (although my dress hardly changes for the seasons lol)...but then I thought that might be a bit boring and not a very good post so I decided to title it my Summer Wishlist! I call it a wishlist as I have far too high expectations with my purchases...I may only buy one or two things from this list, hell, I might not even buy any (we all know how easy it is to wa-...spend money on eBay and EGL_Sales) but we all like pretty, cute items, right?

From left to right, clockwise:

Stretchy black lace dress from eBay - I want to get some more dresses in that I can wear everyday with ease, and even thought this may not count as casual for some people, I feel it really suits my style when I'm not Lolita-ed up to the eyeballs! I would pair it with a pair of patterns or fishnet tights and knee high boots or my black and gold suede boots for a sexy feel.

Red heart shaped sunglasses - I only have one pair of sunglasses, which are just a plain, larger back pair from Punky Fish I bought in Ibiza. I really want to decoden them up and cover them in black rhinestones to make them uber cool and blingy but I'd also love a pair of these for a colour splash. I guess it's also kind of ironic too, how the main girl in Lolita wore them. :P

Black lacy puff-sleeved cutsew - Like the dress, I want some cute cutsews I can wear so that I can still feel pretty and kind of dressed up. I don't like t-shirts because the cut of the sleeves and neckline aren't very flattering on me and I feel frumpy in them. I like high or decorated necklines and usually long sleeves so this is right up my street!

"Love" motif vest top from Gilfy - I saw this on PlatinumxStars' blog and instantly fell in love! It has a really cute motif and a flattering cut. I would wear a bolero or shrug over the top of it to cover my arms up anyway but it would still be really cute! For some reason I feel exposed if my arms aren't covered, like wearing a vest top or anything! Maybe it has been since I've got into Lolita?

Bodyline Love Jewellery handbag - This bag is so so cute and in my favourite colours - black, pink and white! I also love the ribbon and pearl detail; I really want the dress too but I feel I could wear this bag all the time! Someone was selling these on eBay for £15, spouting that they were "Japanese imports" and they'd "only just got them back in stock"...what a joke lol! XD

Alice's Never Voyage skirt in black by Alice & the Pirates - I absolutely adore this skirt and would quite like the dress if it wasn't for the apron. This skirt isn't particuarly Lolitary but that's the beauty of it - I could totally rock this with fishnet tights and platform boots!

Sugar Hearts skirt in black by Angelic Pretty - This is another skirt I adore and I would really love the dress too but this series is so hard to find! If you are lucky to find it on EGL_Sales, it's really overpriced. I saw a girl selling the lavender skirt for $400! What the heck?!

Black & white bat tights from eBay - I am obsessed with tights, especially since I will only wear skirts and dresses if I am going out of the house so I really love patterned ones to mix it up. The past couple of weeks I have really wanted some stereotypically cute Gothy pairs, a la Adora Batbrat, like these adorable opaque tights with white bats on them! I think I also saw Emilie Pastelbat wear them and she looked so creepy-cute in them!

Black & white skeleton tights - Another pair of cute Gothy tights that I saw Emilie wear, these are really cute and look great with boots or heels equally. I think you can also wear them Rokku Gyaru style? I have seen similar skeleton print dresses Gyaru wear and really want one of those too!

I am not sure what I will buy first; I'd love to save up for the AATP and/or AP skirts but I will definitely not buy them if they are overpriced. Actually, I will buy the tights first as I will wear them all the time! Are you looking forward to buying anything for summer or in season?


  1. I would also love to have that lace dress, it is so lovely <3
    And the skelleton socks <3 I have similar legings, but I find legings to warm in summer, so I won't be able to wear them often...

    1. Yes, the dress is sooo lovely... *__* And the leggings too! It's a shame it's a bit too warm for you to wear them though, I can't imagine going out without wear tights! Even if I wear knee high socks, I wear nude tights underneath lol! I would love to see the similar leggings you have! <3