Saturday, 14 July 2012

Style Icon: Namie Amuro

Today I wanted to show you a super fashionable and cute style icon of mine that I found about a week or so back and that is...Namie Amuro! I am so so so outdated with this, Namie is credited with starting or popularising Gyaru fashion and even had a mini sub-style of her own, called Amuraa where the girls would dress in Gyaru fashion but only the kind of styles and trends Namie herself was dressing in at the moment.

 I think a lot of people will know who Namie Amuro is, but if not, she's a Japanese R&B/hip hop/dance singer, entertainer and (former) actress who I recently discovered by dancing to her song "Sexy Girl" on the Japanese version of Just Dance. Normally I don't like hip hop, R&B or dance music but I have found myself listening to more Japanese language versions of these genres as they are much easier to listen to than Western hip hop and are usually a lot more catchy. Female hop hop singers also tend to have a slight cute edge to the normal, sexy look of hip hop or R&B, which is why I like Namie so much.

I have listened to some of her music but not all in chronological order so I can't really comment on how I find her older, original style versus her comeback and the kind of music she is making now but the songs I really like are "So Crazy", "Do Me More" (which has such an amazing music video), "Hide & Seek", "Baby Don't Cry", "Girl Talk", "Rock Steady" and "Funky Town", along with "Sexy Girl" obviously.

Now, onto her style! When she was ridiculously popular, she made mini skirts and thigh high boots, tans and dyed hair, thin eyebrows and the nylon wire jewellery that looks like tattoos and has had a real comeback in Japanese street fashion today.

Namie has such gorgeous hair which looks equally amazing straight or curly. She looks very trendy with straight hair and curly hair gives her more of a cute, natural look about her.

Source                                                           Source

She has such a cute, cheeky little face with a small nose, deep set eyes and small but plump lips. She also has tattoos, which I think distract from a cute look but I really like them on Namie! It gives her a bit of edge and she looks like a girl you wouldn't mess with in her music videos.

She has really awesome outfits in her music videos which I want to apply to my own style. I love both her styles in "Do Me More", but I couldn't find too many photos of them and the ones below are screenshots of the PV.
And as I mentioned before, in this outfit her tattoos give her an edge on the cutesy, Alice in Wonderland theme she has going in the girly outfit. I also love her outfit in Funky Town, I want to take every single part of it and wear it myself, ha ha!

You don't want to know how many times I paused the PV to get a half decent shot of her outfit. It consists of a black wench-style blouse with billowing sleeves, a black leather underbust corset, black frilly tiered mini skirt and thigh high black boots. So cute, stylish, and dare I say Gothy? I could wear this outfit and pass it off as Goth-inspired if I wished. Normally I don't like peasant style blouses as they're a bit too medieval Goth for me but now I really want one to rock this style!

I think I am definitely going to try and download as much of her music as possible. I would love to buy her CDs instead but they're very expensive and the cheaper ones are only singles with 1-3 songs on. :( The range of Japanese music available in the UK really sucks. But anyway, here was my style verdict on Namie Amuro! What do you think of her? Do you like her style? What style icons do you have that you would love to emulate the style of?


  1. Hiya.

    I was googling some pics of " Funky Town " for some reasons and reached to this adorable blog. I really could enjoy reading your feedback to Namie... Yep, I am one of her fans. So I just wanted your readers to know just one thing about her tattoo.

    You know her tattoo looks cool but tiresome to some people who thinks that Namie got the tattoo just as one part of fashion ( in here, Japan, there are some ), but actually it's for her son and mother who got murdered brutally by Namie's uncle in law. The terrible incident happend right after Namie gave birth to her son. At last the inducement couldn't be discovered because the uncle killed himself 4 hours after the crime.

    She was just around 20yo at the moment but had to stay too strong to cry much about it just because she was already one mother.

    All of her fans knows about this and that's why Namie is known as unlike other female singers who just keep saying " Strong woman "

    I'm sorry to write this long with my terrible english, but I felt like I should make you and your readers like her more with telling this story.

    PS, The pics of you in Battle Royale costume at the recent article was really amazing :)

  2. Wow. Just wow. Thank you so much for telling me this! I always wondered and I also wondered how her mother died as a comment on "Baby Don't Cry" said "I wonder if this was wrote for her mum, she died really horrifically." but I had absolutely no idea! You can't make stuff like that up.

    So Namie had two sons or did she lose her only son? Wikipedia doesn't tell you too much, I take it because of her privacy? I was wondering, how do you know of all of this? As Wikipedia doesn't say, you must be a very great fan!

    Again, thank you so so much, she is truly strong! I know what you mean about other female artists being portrayed as "strong and independent", like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce or Mariah Carey but they have nothing on Namie!

    Your English is actually amazing, I did not notice any errors that native English speakers wouldn't make either! Thank you so much for the nice comments about me and my blog too, I am very honoured!

  3. Really nice blog you have ^-^
    I knew her music a year ago. I heard songs from checkmate first, and then the album play. After knowing her life story I admire her more. *-*

    As far as I know, she only has one son, Haruto, he is alive, but is very secluded from the public media. Namie has more public pictures with her dogs than with him; actually, I only saw a paparazzi shot of the time he was a baby.

    regarding the murder, I read a transcript of a japanese paper, but I lose the link. Here's one that I found now:

    The reason given was because the second husband of the mother (and her too) opposed to his brother marriage with a woman. on that same date, Namie was releasing the power of love single, and her son was not even a year old!! that's too much tragedy for one person. she is really brave!!

    I invite you to check my tumblr
    I'll keep reading you, have a good day :)


    1. Thank you! Shortly after the first comment I received here, I Googled it to find the story. I think it is good Namie is trying to protect her son from paparazzi as it often corrupts children and fame goes to their head.

      Thanks for the link! It's very heartbreaking to hear, I can't believe how brave Namie Amuro is!

      And I will definitely follow your Tumblr, thanks so much for the information! It all makes me admire Namie so much more. *__*