Thursday, 12 July 2012

Reviewette: Korean Snail Face Mask

Hey there! Today I have a review for what I think is quite an unusual product - a face mask made with snail mucus extract! It's Korean and I got it free with a Korean BB Cream I bought about a month or so back.

I don't have too many pictures for this review as what really can I show? Any difference made to my skin will be hard to capture and I don't have one of those super duper amazeballs professional camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. ^_~

Here is the minimalistic packaging!

I was too scared to try this out for the first week or so, but then I was like *man up rage face* "Come on!" So one time in the bath I scraped my hair back with a cupcake headband and opened up the package.

I was pleasantly surprised that it smelt lovely! I honestly don't know what I expected it to smell like, ha ha, but it was just very fresh and fragrant smelling. It was a bit slimy feeling but then again, so are most face masks that aren't clay based. It was one of those full face masks with the eye, nose and lip holes cut out so I stuck it on, smoothed it out a bit and left it for 20 minutes!

It was very relaxing just to lie in a hot bath with a face mask on, not worrying about anything. I didn't time it, to be honest, so when I wanted to wash my hair, I took it off. I didn't rinse the residue off though, I left it to soak in itself. My skin immediately felt really soft and silky! I know that tends to happen but nothing really happens once your skin is dry or you go back to your normal routine so I got out of the bath and applied rice water toner and my moisturiser as normal.

The day after my skin still felt very soft and it felt lovely applying my moisturiser and foundation on top of lovely skin! I'm not sure it did anything to my pores as I have quite small ones except on my nose, and I don't really take too much notice of those anyway.

TL;DR: I would definitely love to buy this again. I really felt like it did my skin good and made it feel really soft for the next couple of days. I didn't get any kind of reaction from it and indeed, because it's made from natural ingredients and extracts, it felt like my skin thanked me for it! These masks are quite cheap to buy on eBay, around £1 each so I will hopefully get some more in future! Although maybe I could just grab a snail from the garden and smother it all over my face? XD Ewwie!

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