Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: Lebelage BB Cream

Now, us British are known for being slowpokes when it comes to comparing us with the rest of the world. For example: We've only JUST got Netflix over here, and it's being marketed as a "cool, new service". WHAT?! The rest of the world has had it for like, 5 years and it's a brand new service for us? Another example, which leads onto this review, is BB Cream. Americans and Canadians can order it from Asia or even find it in their drugstore or make-up store if they're lucky. But we've only just realised one cream with 8 effects might be a tad useful for the woman on the go. Now brands like Garnier, Maybelline and even Superdrug's own brand have released their own version of BB Cream. Asian brands of BB Cream also have a skin lightening effect but because we all supposedly want to look like shaved orangutans, none of the UK brands of BB Cream have this effect in. Boo.
And I know I've known about BB Cream for about a year or so now, but now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon, I want some too, goddamnit!

I ordered some free samples from Garnier about two weeks ago but they still haven't arrived. So I thought, screw 'em, and bought some from eBay. Actually, I bid on a listing and managed to win some from Korea for £2 including shipping, awesome! Garniers' BB Cream is currently priced at £7.49, Maybelline's at £7.99 and Superdrug's own brand is currently "on offer" at £6.99 but will go up to £8.99 once the offer is over. I don't know what was going through the marketer's minds when they priced their own, drugstore brand £1 more than actual beauty brands but whatever. This is supposedly a cheap-ish drugstore with their own branded stuff for us to save money. So yeah, £2 for some BB Cream is damn good.

The BB Cream arrived yesterday from Korea and I ordered it about two or three weeks ago, which is expected delivery time. The brand is called Lebemage and I've tried searching for reviews online but I only found one in Polish or Russian and it wasn't too good. From the jist of it, they gave coverage 2/5 because they had a pen mark on their hand and it didn't cover that up. Umm...

...Anyway. I wasn't expected a super duper BB Cream for £2 and I wasn't intending to wear it when I wear a full face of make-up. I bought it to use just when I'm at home, as a moisturiser and SPF protection. Also, because this is a Korean brand that cute Lolita, Gyaru and uzzlang girls will wear (well, in my mind anyway ^^;), it also has the skin lightening effect! It is put down as "whitening" on the box though. ^^;

Okay, so this is the packaging and tube itself. Very cute and in my favourite colour - pink! ^^

I also got one of those fabric face masks free! But this is made from snail I'm not sure if I'm too scared or grossed out to try it out! I hear a lot of Korean and Japanese girls are huge fans of snail beauty treatments and I wanna be as pretty as an Asian girl so that may be my motivation to try it...results soon!

This is what a small amount looks like on my hand, untouched. No blending or whatever.

There's no point showing it blended into my hand when I'm going to blend it into my face, is there?! So here is a very scary picture of me, in hair velcro with my circle lenses already in, ready for a big day ahead of me. I can't believe I'm posting this pic! T_T See how good a blogger I am, letting you see me in less than my best light? I'm human too!

I wasn't expecting amazing coverage from this but this actually gives me really, really good coverage from what I expected. I could replace my foundation with this! I know it will all depend on your skin tone and what kind of complexion you have - if you have a more mottled, uneven skin tone it might not cover it up as well. I was also worried that the tinted colour would be too dark for my skin (although some part of me was hoping it wouldn't, as it's Asian) and it isn't! It looks darker in the little blob on my hand but it actually quite pale once blended in.

So, now that it has given me really good coverage, what about putting finishing powder over it? I use a cheapy cheap Constance Carroll pressed powder in translucent as that is the palest colour they have.

Super awesome! I think this actually makes my skin look nicer than my normal foundation - it's Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse but it is quite drying and really picks up on flaky parts near my nose, cheeks and forehead. This is slightly moisturising though and does a good job of hydrating my skin. My skin is really fucked up though - as a teenager (even though I'm still only 18 XD) I had very oily skin with little spots on my nose and forehead. I tried using light moisturisers, then all of a sudden it turned dry and sensitive! So if I use a moisturiser that is too oily, rich or greasy, my skin reverts back to oily teenage skin again. This has just the right balance of moisturiser for me and doesn't give me a reaction - it feels very light and fresh on my skin.

I was going to show you a picture of my make-up after I did this review but that was the photo I showed you in the actual circle lenses review. >_< So here's a picture of my completed make-up using BB Cream instead of foundation for when I went to Alton Towers!

Wearing my super long, super AWESOME Gyaru nails I made myself for the day...I can actually function okay with them until I get home and open up my laptop. Typing is near on impossible with these babies on so two days later I finally took them off to use again. XD

Anyway, I digress - back to the BB Cream:

TL;DR: I actually love this BB Cream far more than I thought I would. I'm very tempted to change this to my regular foundation after I've used all of my present one up. I also forgot to mention it smells really pleasant too, just kind of like a normal moisturiser. One thing's for certain though - I'll definitely be buying this again, I adore it! Or maybe I'll try another brand? Who knows? 5/5!


  1. For me it doesn't work as fine, I can see how it looks like cracked.. maybe it depends of the kind of skin. I don't know what kind is mine, I thought it was grease (fat) sorry Idk the right word. But now I see the cream cracked and I don't know then if my skin is from another kind u_u the thing is that this one doesn't work on me, so I'm going to ask for free skin79 samples in Madrid today, I hope them were better.

    1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear it doesn't work as great for you! Maybe if it looks cracked or flaky, your skin is a little dry? Even though some BB creams say you don't need to moisturise before using them, I still moisturise anyway and it glides on much smoother and looks more hydrated. So maybe try to add moisturiser beforehand to combat any cracking or flaking?

      Skin79 also look really good though and there are tons of different ones from them that are great for all different kinds of skin so I would definitely try them out if I were you and hopefully at least one of them work! Thanks so much for your comment! <3

  2. I'm looking for reviews about this product, and it's really difficult to find them :S I've ran out of my Skin 79 BB Cream and I want to replace it. A friend told me about this one, but she told me that its coverage wasn't very spectacular... But now I see your photographs and it looks nice to me ;)

    Thank you for your review. I'll probably buy it. :)

  3. Yeah, I made this review as I couldn't find many others heh heh :) This BB cream is actually very good, I do like it! I'm currently cutting up the tube in order to use every last remnant haha! I even find that it gets better the more you use it, probably because it improves your skin so I'd definitely recommend it!

  4. I'm using the same brand and I'm quite pleased with the results. It may appear sticky but once you apply it, it blends perfectly. Good review!

    1. I'd agree with that, definitely! I just finished the last of it - I cut open the tube and scraped everything out with a cotton bud/Q-tip haha! But it was in fact, a very good BB cream and I'm sad it's all finished heh heh.

  5. Does this lighten skin as it says? I don't want a whitening one, i actually would prefer to be darker.
    A note on the American "BB creams" -they are just sheer tinted moisturizers. They suck. I bought a Body Shop one (it was o sale and not tested on animals) and while it isn't sheer, it feels heavy and oily. :(

    1. I think it evens the skintone and lightens it a little, yes. If you'd prefer darker skin, I wouldn't recommend this BB cream unfortunately then. ><

      Yeah, Western BB creams suck unfortunately... XD I haven't tried one that is as good as an Asian one yet!

  6. Thanks for your review and picture tutorial. I think you no longer need a foundation, and that this BB cream suffices you just fine. According to your review, I am looking to purchase some of my own Asian Bb creams. I would love to see your input on other Asian BB creams in the future, hopefully?

    1. Aww, thank you for saying I only need this BB cream haha! I did really like it, I used it all up! I will review other Asian BB creams in the future, hope to see you interested in them! :)