Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Shoes!

Hey all! I have just come back from a lovely day with my mum, mama and brother (well, the last 2/3 of don't want to know. >_<) and my gorgeous mum treated me to some beyond amazing shoes! I have been drooling at them every time I walk past the shop in Westfield in Derby. The shop is called Revolve but it always changes every 7-8 months into a different shop that suspiciously sells the same clothes and items...when I first bought my black platform boots from them, they were called Blue Star, but then Blue Star moved outside of Westfields, a new shop moved in but they weren't in there long enough for me to remember the name of, then Blue Star moved back into the same shop, now Blue Star have moved opposite and this shop is called Revolve! Anyway, onto the picture! It was taken by my phone camera which is why it's pretty crappy, my proper digital camera still hasn't arrived. T_T It has been sent out though, the status has been updated!


They are both Jeffrey Campbell designs, the left is called Lita and the right are called Night Walk but they are definitely not Jeffrey Campbell brand. XD I compared the look and price of Jeffrey Campbell and my shoes...each pair from JC were £160...mine were supposed to be £38 each but for some reason the girl rang the first pair up as £28 and the second as £35...I didn't get a box with the first pair as it wouldn't fit in the bag but the second box wasn't for these shoes, it had a different price tag on and someone had stuck these shoes code, size and colour over the top so they obviously hadn't changed the win!

For anyone wondering how in Hell's dirty ashes you walk in the second's actually pretty easy! I have been wanting to try them on for ages to see how hard it is but I don't like doing that unless I intend to buy. I thought it was a "try on and put back" opportunity when I went in with my mum but she said I could have a pair so I picked the Lita style and she sneakily bought both pairs! I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful mum, I haven't seen her in ages since she had to go to France for an emergency so I have missed her a lot! T_T I'm not ashamed to say I love my mummy, I don't have much family to go around! XD The people I consider my close family that I see once a week or two is literally just my mum, mama and brother. My papa split up with my mama a couple of years ago, my grandparents on my dad's side live in Lincoln, 70+ miles away and my dad died when I was 13. But enough sad stuff! *cries*

I cannot wait to get my new camera and put them on Poupee Girl, as well as wear them obviously! I am staying home tomorrow to craft but I will definitely wear a pair to see my friend Suzy on Saturday!

What do you think of the suddenly immensely trendy Jeffrey Campbell designs? Could you walk in them, and if so, would you buy them? Brand or offbrand?


  1. they are fabulous! super jealous!

    1. Thank you so much! I am very grateful and lucky! <3 xxx