Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Super Awesome Fake Minmie Bag of Doom (and My Less Awesome Official One)

Okay, so a while back I went to yet another Lolita meet in Manchester (what?! It's the closest meet to me that has a decent amount of people show up!) and even though I vow not to buy anything other than food and drink, I ended up spending quite a lot of money that meet...on snacks from the Chinese supermarket but also, this amazing amazing AMAZING bag I found in Affleck's Palace. I have visited the stall a couple more times after purchasing this bag but have not found anything that is as awesome as this bag.

Ta-da!!! Isn't it amazing? Does it just vomit black and pink on you in the most fabulous way?! I fell in love with it immediately after I saw it and asked how much it was. It was on sale, apparently at just £12! And I got a free phone charm for buying a bag too. I picked a My Melody one as Hello Kitty is too mainstream. ;)

Anyway, back onto the amazing bag! It was supposedly from an Asian brand called Minmie who makes some really adorable stuff with designs like this - one has make-up on, another hair, etc. This one has nails on, which just makes it more awesome as I love deco nails! Here are some pictures up close:

The main title says "Nail SWEET!" with "neiru" ("nail" in Japanese) in katakana.

The first design of nails says "To enhance your luxury style by gems, diamonds and crystal materials. Beautiful 3D fake nails!". It also says "Candy Nail" and "Sweet parade is coming to you. It's cute can't eat. Coz it's from your nail only." next to the Minmie logo. I adore the Engrish phrases on this. *__*

The next design says "Little Princess Style" and says "Dimensionally decorating your nails with a classical pearl. Make you feel such a little princess." I actually take inspiration from these designs! XD

The top design says "A variety 3D nail style offering a better emotion likely in heaven"...so there you go! Having nice nails truly is heavenly!

I also bought this bag because even though I don't wear too many bags, just my everyday handbag and purse, this is a messenger bag and I can carry my laptop into the shop with me when I need to. After I got this bag and showed my boyfriend, he wondered if he could buy some to sell in his shop and mostly J-Con as the super cute images are great for Lolita, Decora, Fairy Kei and Gyaru alike! It turns out you could so he bought some - when they arrived I had a good rifle through them and first dibs on the ones I wanted! It turns out comparing my bag to the ones Rob got mine isn't actually real but I prefer mine! I only wanted one design of the ones Rob got and chose this one:

It's a little tote bag with a hairstyle design on it - the little pink bow on the top left corner is actually detachable and is a hair clip! :D But yeah, I prefer my nail design bag to this one because it is just solely black and pink (my favourite colours) and has such a sweet design. I still like this one though, I just wish it were in pink! >_<

This was a bit of a random post today, I know but my camera still hasn't arrived so I can't make any new updates. I've sent another message to Kodak as they haven't replied to my customer service message/complaint too. Maybe the two are related - maybe because I complained about their poor cameras, they won't give me my replacement one?! T_T I will update you with the battle vs Kodak!

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