Sunday, 29 July 2012

Event: Manchester MCM Expo 2012

Hey all! Last weekend I went to my first convention/expo other than J-Con, Manchester's Comic-Con and Expo at G-Mex. I cosplayed with my friend Emily as Battle Royale girls - technically she was Mitsuko and I was Chigusa but you can't exactly walk in with a pen-knife so I used a plastic knife/machete from my boyfriend's shop. I had a really fun time but the queues were ridiculous and it was very crowded and hot. It seems convention goers are split into two categories - the considerate kind, like me who are always paying attention to where they need to go and try to get there nicely, by saying "Excuse me" or "Sorry!" if I bump into someone, and the "I don't give a shit"-ers, bashing and bumping their way to fangasm over the next item on the agenda. Unfortunately there were more Category #2 con-goers than #1. :( I also think I prefer being on the "other side" of conventions - i.e. usually running a stall, not having to queue to get in, arrive super early, etc.! I did get to meet Vic Mignogna, a pretty famous voice actor in the anime circuit and who's most famous role is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. FMA was the first anime I ever saw in English and I just love it, the voices are amazing and totally fit. I don't say that about many, if any at all, dubs but I love it!

Okay, enough with the boring stuff, you wanna see pictures? I took these mostly from my friends' Facebooks and the Expo event so just let me know and I'll credit you!


Me and Emily as Chigusa and Mitsuko! Emily printed out our collars and maps so that's why most of the earlier photos don't have me wearing the collar. T_T They were awesome though! I hand-embroidered the ties and sewed lace hems onto our skirts!

Me and Vic! He was so so nice, he called me cutie and signed my keyring and one of the images they were giving away free. The slippy surface of the back of the keyring means that the ink won't dry though and it's smudged. T_T

Me and Heath Ledger's Joker statue. Super tall! *__* It looked ridiculously realistic too, I had to stare at it for a couple of minutes to make sure it didn't move! Excuse the scary red-eye!

Me and Pedo Bear!

My gorgeous friend Joanne, rocking Hime Gyaru for the first time ever! She's usually a Sweet Lolita.

I didn't buy much, just a bottle of Ramune, some Japanese sweets, a Snickers, can of Fanta and a McDonalds so just food lol! It was super hot in there so I needed lots of drinks but I couldn't open my Ramune. T_T I had to wait until I got home and Rob did it for me but it fizzed everywhere and I lost 1/3 of it so the pressure must have built up inside. Not a very good idea for opening a drink then! The lemonade wasn't as flavorful as ours either so I wouldn't buy it again. I did keep the bottle though, obviously! As well as Vic being a guest, there was also Warwick Davis, who played Professor Flitwick and a goblin banker in Harry Potter, two people from Merlin and half the cast of Young Dracula. Not sure why they had the last two but never mind! XD I'm not sure if I'd go again as there wasn't many stalls I was interested in. Too many aspiring comic book authors and artists and I'm sorry but I'm not really interested in buying obscure comic books, prints or sketches. >_<;

Anyway, more pics of awesome people and cosplays we saw!

The Baron from The Cat Returns! <3

An awesome A.W.E.S.O.M.-O cosplay from South Park! It looks amazing!

A super realistic looking sand person! These scared me so much as a child! >_<

Okay, they were all the pictures I had saved on my computer that weren't of me. D'oh! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you went to MCM - what did you think of it? Bye bye! x

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