Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lolita Lunch 02/07/2012

Hey all! On Monday I went to a super fun, kind of mini-meet with 4 of my Lolita friends. We just went for dinner, shopping and generally had lots of lovely fun. Because we're all friends as well it meant we could all relax in front of each other. ^^ I really enjoyed it and can't wait for another one! We usually have mini lunches together in months we don't have bigger meets coming up. :)

After meeting everyone at the train station we went up to YO! Sushi in the Arndale Centre as we were soooo starving. And complaining about our heavy eyes from lashes and/or circle lenses

Emily had spicy battered squid (which was super tasty, she let me try some) and chicken firecracker rice among other things but she only took pictures of these. ^^ I had duck gyoza, miso soup, takoyaki (I think I prefer the squid) and tamago nigiri. I only had the miso soup with the idea of filling myself up with it (it has unlimited free refills) but I could only handle one bowl so I think I'd rather have something else next time for the same money.

We then went shopping to normal places like Topshop and Primark, places you don't really go with big Lolita meets. I didn't buy anything though, they aren't my sort of shops. XD I'm the odd one out... T_T

Then we went to Afflecks Palace but we didn't really look around, we went up to the top floor and had a milkshake and just sat chatting for a good two hours. XD

Emily had a chocolate milkshake and I had a peanut butter one. I really liked it, I was scared it wouldn't taste like peanut butter or would be too sickly but it was just right. Then, some more time for picture taking.

Then we went to Chinatown, bought some Asian sweets including umbrella cookies and mochi pieces covered in cake. I don't really like the umbrella cookies, they're a bit bland and I'm not sure whether they're supposed to be sweet or savoury. XD The mochi pieces are nice, the cake kind of reminds me of the soft Nutrigrain 'cake' and they come in three different flavours. After buying a couple of different kinds of Asian sweets, I'm going to finally believe that Asian sweets are a lot less sweet than Western ones. I'll just stick to modern Asian sweets like Meiji Panda, Pocky and Chocoboy.

We also went to the purikura machine in a knick-knacky shop in Chinatown and had our pictures taken, as usual! I need to scan them in really bad to upload to Facebook and here though. XD After that we went to the Bobo Tea stand in the Arndale and then back to the train station and finally took some more pictures, including outfit ones! It had started to rain quite badly though and I'd forgot my umbrella so I kind of look like a drowned rat.

Unfortunately me and Emily had forgot our contact cases so we had to keep our lenses in all day. Trying not to fall asleep on the train was sooo hard! My eyes were so exhausted, I took them straight out when I got home. Well, not my eyes, my circle lenses. ^^ I had so much fun but I didn't buy too much, just a lucky bag from Extreme Largeness, two pairs of cute deco-style earrings from Biggi Bagga and the Asian sweets. I can't wait for the next mini meet we have when we don't have a big meet! Our next meeting is at Manchester MCM, me and Emily are cosplaying as Battle Royale girls! ^_~


  1. Wow I had no idea there were Lolita meets round here! What an amazing blog lovely :) I'm gonna have a good read through it and subscribe ^.^ xx

    1. OMG, thank you so so much! Yes, there is - ones all around! We usually have one in Manchester around once a month but sometimes we choose other locations too, like Chester. We even went to Alton Towers and there's a Camelot meet next month!

  2. I love your dresses!!! <3
    Sadly, there's no Lolita where I live (Brussels)except in conventions like Japan Expo ._.!
    Nice blog!

    1. Thank you so much! And that is a real shame but at least there are booths at conventions! You should check out Facebook sales pages and EGL_Sales on LiveJournal too for European sellers! <3