Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How To Lolita Up Your Room/House: Sweet Matching Bedspreads

Today this is going to a be a new series of articles on tips on how to Lolita up your room/house! Everybody wants a gorgeous house that they are proud of and it keeps you motivated to keep it clean too. Win win! This post will be touching on the basics to get you to having an awesomely twee Lolita-style house and some sweet matching house fixtures!


1. Tidy and clean up! Nothing is more un-Lolita than a messy room and you can't start doing cute stuff to the decor when you have to jump over craft supplies and week old clothing. I am quite bad at cleaning - not because I hate it but because I get so overwhelmed with what I should or could do to clean, I forget it all entirely and end up on Reddit. I have actually made a checklist of things you can do to clean and tidy room by room, here are some pointers that will work for pretty much every room:

1) Put everything back in its right place.
2) Go around with a plastic/bin bag and pick up all rubbish.
3) Pick up all clothes and either put them in a laundry basket (something which I have just bought recently) or in a pile ready to be washed. And ready as in, as soon as you have done this. Not a week later. If you've only wore a top or skirt once, you can put it away to wear again but it's a pretty safe suggestion to wash it after wearing it 2-3 times.
4) Wipe down all surfaces and dust ornaments or items that pretty much stay in the same place all the time.
5) Hoover/vacuum the floor if it's a carpet, wipe or mop the floor if it's wood/laminate/vinyl/tiles!

With a few more points for specific rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, the room will be clean in no time. Listen to music whilst you do it and it will feel less of a chore! You can also dance around like an idiot like some people suggest but I have far too much self-dignity for this. XD

2. Replace or decorate old/bland house decorations like lampshades, curtains or sofa throws. This is one of the easiest things to do to vamp up your home and you can do it gradually. You can either replace them and buy or make news ones or decorate what you already have! I have a ton of pictures for inspiration from a Taobao shop that sells the most adorable house fixtures - I wish for the life of me that I could remember the name of the shop but I can't! So I will update if and when I remember. ^_~

Making Sweet style curtains, drapes or cushion covers are very easy and there are tons of tutorials on the Internet. Maybe I will make one in the future! Here is a matching bedroom set with cute pink/purple polka dots and white ruffles.

This is a whole matching set of bed cushions with polka dots and ruffles - something very easy to do if you own a sewing machine!

A cute heart shaped cushion

Absolutely adorable curtains with white ruffles and pink/purple polka dots with matching bows. If you're not too handy with a sewing machine, you can commission upholsterers or even fabric shops to make you some curtains as long as you take a few measurements down.

Decorative bed cushions with the ruffles to the sides and matching bows

Top ruffled cushions - these are the same size you can also use for couch cushions too!

Basically these are the only two points I have for "easy" ways to make your house or room more Lolita-style but I have another matching bed set that would be slightly more complex to make - wanna see?

An adorable set made with white & pink floral fabric and pink ruffles.

A square couch-sized cushion with two sets of ruffles, one more transparent than the other. The ruffles look like they're made from some kind of transparent fabric like organza, chiffon or tulle.

One of those long, decorative cushions. It's kind of candy shaped, don't you think? I really like the ruffles around the edges that are gathered to make the puffy wrapper-style ends.

A heart shaped cushion with the floral and pink ruffles combo. Can you actually buy heart shaped cushions or would you have to make the cover and then stuff it yourself? Hmm...

This cushion, instead of having ruffles, has gathered organza/tulle/chiffon pulled all around.

A circle shaped cushion with just a circle of floral fabric and the transparent fabric pulled and gathered all around. These kind of cushions/covers would be slightly harder to make.

A tissue box cover! This is such a cute idea for making plain old tissue boxes cute and you can take it off when the tissues are used up and put it on a new box! To neaten up the slit where the tissues come out, use ribbon and lace to pretty it up and cover up the hems.

To cute up a bedside cabinet, make a cover similar to the tissue box one, but with no bottom and place it on top! This is so so pretty, I want one for myself!

If you can't buy a new couch, re-vamp it with new cushions or a slim throw to just place on the seated part of the sofa. I think it's really cute how they alternated the cushions/throw to break the pattern up a little.

I think these are called fairy dens in the UK? A whole cover round the bed to make it look prettier and cleaner in the day and for privacy at night. I can imagine this would take quite a lot of fabric though, because of the length and gathers.

The fairy den had cute ruffles up at the top made of matching floral and gingham fabric matching bows. I think this is such a Sweet look but it also looks gorgeous for a County feel too because of the gingham.

You can also pull the blinds apart like curtains to make it look super pretty for the day. It also shows you have nothing to hide. XD

These are shorter curtains made with polka dotted fabric. I like the long ruffles on these and the soft pink and white colour scheme. It looks even prettier and cleaner along with the pure white interior.

Another cute bedspread featuring pink and white polka dots and crap-tons of cushions again! I think the whole "pile of cushions" look is really pretty but it'd be so annoying throwing them off your bed every night and putting them back on in the morning. And I can't imagine anyone could sleep with all of these pillows!

For a cute Sweet Lolita look, pair soft pinks with clean whites. Patterns to use are florals, ginghams, polka dots and sweet or fruit motifs. Cute detailing can be ruffles, pleats, lace, ribbon and bows. I think next time I will show you some cute Classic style house fixtures to prove that you can have a gorgeously kitsch Classic style cottage. I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures and tips and if you have any suggestions, feel free to post below!


  1. Do you sell these???? They are so beautiful I want one for my bed 😍😍😍 it would be great if you respond.......

    1. I don't, unfortunately! I do have some Taobao stores that sells them though!


      I hope this helps! Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Wow, those sites are really wonderful. I was looking for the first bed set, but I ended up seeing different kinds of ones on those sites, and I love them ! Do you possibly know if they ship to US and take US dollars? ;; Thank you <33

    1. Thank you for your comment! I think the first set is from an old Taobao (Chinese) shop. They're very hard to find now, and you have to get a shopping service/agent to buy the items for you and ship them to the US. You can't buy from them directly unfortunately. You could always commission a local seamstress or tailor to make them for you, and show the images you like!