Sunday, 24 June 2012

Shop Post: New Shoe Clips & Matching Hair Clips!

Hey all! The other night I was playing with my glue gun, which isn't something I do very often as it takes SO long to heat up sufficiently enough to use it. D: And also, I swear to God I'm going to make a "Trollololol Glue Gun" rage comic one day. It's like, when you want it to squirt glue it sort of makes sighing noises and goes "put-put-put" but as soon as you put it down, it's all over the place! >_<

Anyway, want to see what I made whilst I was playing with my demonic glue gun? Click the pictures to take you to each listing!

Matching ribbon bow hair clips and shoe clips! Aren't they all cute and kitschy? I found the ribbon in my hometown's sewing store and they never usually have cute ribbon or lace! So I bought some, knowing I'd either use it in decoden cases or accessories. I will get some more when I go back to visit my mum. <3

You can get them in either white or pink! I sometimes get people asking me how shoe clips work and the findings are a bit similar to clip-on earrings. You just snap the clips forward onto your shoes, wherever you want them to be. They're more secure than clip-on earrings though. I have a pair (obviously :P) and wore them yesterday and they didn't budge all day.

I love the handstitched alphabet and numbers design, it's sooo cute! You can get each pair, whether it's the shoe clips or hair clips, for £5 a pair or £7.50 for the entire set!

Have you ever used or seen shoe clips before? Do you think they're useful for jazzing up plain shoes? How do you like these matching shoe and hair clips? ^_~

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