Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Reviewette: Garnier BB Cream in Light

 That's right, I just made up my own word - reviewette. It's kind of a mini review where the product or service requires little photos or reviewing. Today it will be Garnier's new BB Cream in the light shade. I ordered some free samples around 3 weeks ago and they arrived two days ago. Unfortunately the reason this is a reviewette is because, for me, the cream was not good at all.

First off, I can show you some pictures of the product before I used it:
The front and back

The middle, encasing the product and the top flap

The left and right flaps

And finally, the product! Three 4.5g sachets, enough for two applications each in my case.

Now, onto the review. Well, I was going to review the BB Cream today whilst I got ready to visit my grandparents. I put on my regular moisturiser (Avon Solutions Sensitive Botanicals Gentle Day Moisturiser - phew!) and concealer, then the BB Cream.

Oh my God, it burned. Well, not so much burned as in stung my eyes so much I had to remove it with a make-up wipe. I applied it the normal way I do with BB Cream but I'm not sure if I got it in my eyes or not. Anyhoo, that shouldn't matter - my moisturiser, concealer or foundation don't sting if it gets in my eyes - skincare isn't supposed to. But this stung, my God it stung. It felt like someone was repeatedly putting soap or shampoo into my eyes. My eyes were watering and I couldn't keep them open for more than a few seconds. I had to stumble back into the bedroom, grab a make-up wipe and remove it all, then wash my face with regular water and rinse my eyes out.

After that I put on my regular Lebelage BB Cream and was absolutely fine. I don't know what was up with it, whether it was the combination of my skincare routine and some of the chemicals didn't mix - I don't know. All I know is that I had to throw that pack away and I think I am going to give the other two packs away with a beauty giveaway I am planning - I hope they will give great coverage to someone else!

TL;DR: The coverage and smell seemed nice, the scent smelled a little more pleasant than my Lebelage one but I'm not really bothered about that. I would have gave this a 2/5 but when you can't wear it, there's no point really. 1/5. :-(

Has anyone else tried Garnier's BB Cream? How did you find it?

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