Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Vassen Kitty Kawaii Circle Lenses in Cherry Violet

So, on Tuesday I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first ever pair of circle lenses! I wanted some to wear modelling and for Lolita & Gyaru outfits! I want to look cute and doe-eyed like all those cute Asian girls. ^^; So after my friend Yuri sharing a link with me on Facebook, I went along and did it and here's my review!

So the store I bought them from was a Thai girl by the name of Linda Katebmat over at Goldfish Cry. You have to add her as a friend in order to see her range but she is very fast and efficient. She also sells Korean and Asian make-up as well, so you can get all your Asian cute goodness here!

I ordered them Tuesday for them to arrive by Monday but they arrived today (Friday 8th) - awesome! She is based in the UK so is great for quick orders. I browsed her range a short while and knew I wanted some purple, grey or brown ones but didn't want to go for natural brown just yet, I wanted to have fun! Unfortunately a lot of her range is out of stock at the moment but I'm not sure how long it takes for restocks. A lot of the ones I wanted were out of stock but Linda recommended me some cute violet ones by the name of Cherry Violet. ^^ She said they were bright but natural, something I definitely was looking for - I have brown eyes so I didn't want the colour to be unnoticeable. Neither did I want a contrasting, brown halo around my pupil as they look so weird. >_<

So I ordered the Cherry Violet lenses for £12.99 and free postage and packaging. If you buy two pairs, the price drops down to £25.50. Onto pictures before you get bored with the wall of text.

The lenses came nicely packaged with a free lense case, something I wasn't sure I'd have to buy separately from my boyfriend's store or not. Here's my pictures of the lense case and the vials and Linda's picture of the lenses in the bottle as mine was rubbish. >_<

As you can see, really nice and bright colour with a medium thickness black band around the rim. I haven't tried to put in contacts for a while and it took me about half an hour as I was trying to jab my finger directly into my pupil and that just doesn't work. After watching one of Venus Angelic's make-up tutorials, I realised it'd be much easier to prise apart my eye, look up and put the lense on the white of my eye, something I can touch with my fingers with ease. Then it's all a matter of blinking, and the lense adjusting itself onto your eye!

Here they are on, in natural light and with no editing:

 Direct sunlight:

With flash:

I honestly don't know how my fringe ended up three different lengths and thickness' there. XD And my skin....bleeeeeeeergh.  No editing involved...obviously. Why would I leave my skin like that if I'd edited them?! XD

Anyway, even though the brown "halo" in the direct sunlight and flash seems a lot, it really isn't noticeable. I'm proper paranoid and insecure about stuff like that and I don't notice it.

These definitely enlarge your eyes a lot! Well, they do mine anyway! Thanks to my friend Yuri, she told me these are 15mm diameter, which is pretty big! I have been wearing these since I got home, about 7 hours and they're still really comfortable and not drying at all. I will be wearing them from about 6am till 6pm on Monday so let's hope I'll be okay!

The only thing is Linda doesn't say which brand or name each lenses are under - it turns out these are from Kitty Kawaii. I tried finding reviews for them online but couldn't - it turns out Kitty Kawaii is the name Vassen go under in Thailand, as well as Pretty. Makes sense! The lenses are also made in Korea, as are most circle lenses, but I wasn't sure as the packaging was in Thai. ^^

These are pretty natural when worn, I know they don't look it with flash but they really are! I was looking for some unusually coloured yet natural ones to wear out and about and I haven't been disappointed. I also asked my boyfriend, a straight talking male, what he thought and he said they look fine (which means good in girl-speak) and natural-ish, which is what I was going for! ^^ When I first put them in I thought they enlarged my eyes a little too much and I looked alien-like! But my friend Yuri said to try more appropriate, heavier eye make-up and it makes all the difference! To the left was the natural make-up I was wearing when I first tried them and more appropriate make-up to the right with fake eyelashes and liner:

I look way more creepy in the left picture! I don't think red goes very well with the purple.
I also found some more photos of these particular lenses, here they are! Source unknown, comment and I'll credit without hesitation!

 TL;DR: These contacts are perfect for darker eyed individuals who want an unusual yet natural-ish colour circle lenses as they stand out even against dark eyes and make them look all big and doll like! They are very comfortable and I can wear them for 7-8 hours with no problems. It is advised to wear them for as little as possible as any contact lenses stop your eyes receiving oxygen but what is the point for wearing them at a meet for an hour, then taking them out?

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