Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Glass Princess Giveaway Prizes!

Hey guys! The other week I was entering giveaways, as I do, and entered my friend Bexy's on her blog The Glass Princess. Well, guess what? I won! So awesome! I've won two giveaways so far but I enter loads and have been doing for about 6 months. I always get really excited at the prospect of surprise goodies coming through the letter box! So anyway, I guess you guys will be wanting pictures, huh?

Here are all the prizes; they were packaged really well and the particularly fragile things, such as the decoden mirror and ring were packaged separately with bubble wrap too. It made it even more fun as it was like unwrapping individual presents! Here are each individual prize:

A sheet of cute sweet-themed stickers and Bexy's note for me! <3

Adorable Hello Kitty lipgloss set with cute detachable charms! Hmm, what shall I put them on? *charm fiend* >:-D

A super blingy nail art wheel - these are the kind of jewels Bexy uses in her eye make-up too! 

A whipped cream ring from super cute Etsy store Sugar Coated Sprinkles

A lovely whipped cream decoden-style mirror and comb from Sugar Coated Sprinkles again

The mirror open with the comb

An adorable Kiki & Lala (Little Twin Stars) necklace and bracelet set from H&M - the bracelet...

...And the necklace!

Everything is so so cute and I can't wait to wear and try everything out! I've already worn the Little Twin Stars bracelet, the pink Hello Kitty lipgloss which is really glossy but not at all gloopy or sticky and the whipped cream ring! Thanks so much Bexy! <3

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