Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cute Things I've Bought Recently

Hey all! How is everyone doing? I hope great. ^^ Today I just thought I'd show you some cute things I've purchased recently! I know we all like to see cute things and buy them even more so! I try to strike a good balance of what is cute and I will use/need though so I don't end up with useless yet adorable items.

Sometimes when I go to cheapy cheap stores like Home Bargains or B&M Bargains, I find cute hidden gems like these! These are adorable little plastic pegs in the shape of happy, smily teddy bears! I like the pink ones the best but you get two of each in three different colours - pink, light brown and a slightly darker brown and one has an open-eyed smile and one has a close-eyed smile. I think I like the open-eyed smile a bit better, they look so adorable. :3 Currently they are holding up my numerous pairs of tights strung round a coat hanger for easy access but sometimes I use them to pin back clothes on my tailors dummy.

This is a pair of adorable little chopsticks in transparent pink I bought from one of my favourite market stalls in Derby. It's a Chinese stall ran by a little old Chinese lady and is full of cute things like this. I got my white faux fur fox tail handbag charm from there as well as various other little phone charms and stuff. She always says I look so pretty when I see her so I have to buy something! ^^; I always think "If I didn't, maybe she won't make enough money to eat tonight or keep this stall going!" so I always end up buying something. Unfortunately this was an impulse buy as I literally have 15+ pairs of chopsticks at home. XD But I think I will use these with my black and pink bento box. They also only cost £1.99 and other stalls sell chopstick, fork and spoon sets for £8 and upwards! :o How can you charge that for some plastic utensils? *tuts* These have cute little girl characters on, I think they're from an anime. It says something in katakana, like a title or something but I can't read katakana very well so I'll have to whip out my book on it to decode. ^^;

Lastly, these are two amazingly cute notepads I bought from Pinksugarichigo when she was selling some of her stuff about a month or so back. I just fell in love with these on first site. I love notepads as I always carry one around in my handbag for shopping lists and notes but I wanted a really, sickeningly cute one but they're so hard to find! They're really expensive on eBay too. I got these for $4 each but the shipping was $11. :-( At first the post office estimated it at $10 but when Ichigo actually went to post them, the scales weren't working properly last time and it was actually $11. She was lovely enough to pay the rest herself and said nothing when I offered to give her the extra money. :) These have 8 different designs of pages and one has a sheet of stickers in! So without further ado, here are the pictures (don't forget you can click them to make them bigger ^^):

The last one is an envelope you cut and fold up! How cute is that?! I'm already using one notepad and can't wait to use the little envelopes. I think I will give one to my boyfriend that says "I hate you :P" on it. Our silly humour. ;) Well, either I hate you or I love you, we don't mind either! XD I hope you liked this cute little haul and let me know if you would like to see others in future!

I've also been wondering whether or not to put my posts under a cut or not. I'm not sure as it looks less cluttered but I always find it slightly annoying when I go to other blogs and it takes you to a different page or link rather than just expand the post. It also makes me less likely to read all the blog posts on that page and just read the ones I will be more interested in, like actual articles and such. The kind of cuts I prefer are like the ones on Violet LeBeaux. What do you think? To cut or not to cut?

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