Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Best Way To Keep Fit!

So lately I have been wanting to get a bit more fit and toned. Not so much to lose weight (but if I did, that would be more than awesome) but I feel I could also use more bum, stomach and especially arms. I don't want to pay for a gym as I would never go lol. For a while I thought maybe I should buy Playstation Move and Just Dance as I play it with my friends and it's super fun!

Then I had an even better brainwave! I thought, surely someone must have posted the songs up on YouTube? I can just watch them and do the dance at the same time! Exactly the same as playing the game but I don't have the scores telling me how crap I am... ^^;

Even better is that when I thought to buy Just Dance, I wanted the Japanese version because our songs are crap and Japanese songs are awesome to dance too. It just so happens that some lovely YouTuber has uploaded one video with ALL the Japanese songs on for me to do! So now I will put on the video for half an hour (I will increase the time as I get more fit and better at the dances >_<) and just dance along, no need to go to another video or pause or anything.

Today I danced to 8 songs and played each one twice - the last one, Jumping by Kara, I played three times as I don't know the dance too well and wanted to learn. ^^ I'm only up to Jumping right now but I may try different songs and sessions. Dancing is way more fun than a boring treadmill or rowing machine and I think I will start doing the dances with cans of baked beans in my hands to tone up my arms extra! XD

Here is the video for any curious readers!

EDIT 29/06/2012: Make sure to always wash your face after dancing or working up a sweat! The next day I had a pimple on my forehead, the kind that can be squeezed and I never get those! Only now do I reckon it was because I didn't wash my face afterwards and sweat/sebum got blocked and made a pimple. Especially with a fringe like mine, it's the worst for sweating and clogging up! Um, okay, gross...forget I told you that.

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