Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Atelier Dolle Giveaway Prizes!

Hey all! Just wanted to show you some prizes I won a while back! A couple of months ago I entered Atelier Dolle's giveaway prize, the prize being an adorable, totally handmade doughnut bag charm. Well the package arrived a couple of weeks ago! It was about a month and a half before I received the prize, which made me think she'd forgotten and I was just like "Oh well..." but a couple of weeks ago I received a surprise package from Singapore! It turns out she'd been hella busy and couldn't find time to post the prize, so she also put a small notebook she'd made in as thanks and apologies! Wait, what?

Anyway, pics!:

Everything was packaged really well and very prettily - there came a handmade card just saying that these were the prizes, sorry she was late and congrats, the doughnut bag charm was in the rustic wooden looking paper and the notebook was in the plain brown paper, so everything was packaged separately too!

It was exactly the same one in the picture, obviously. ^^; It's soooo well made and is really light weight! Because of the gloss/varnish on top of it, I can't tell what it's made of so I'm not sure if it's lightweight air dry or paper clay, resin, etc! It has cute chocolate frosting, strawberry sauce drizzles and a cute glitter overlay! I've put it on my black and gold handbag for extra cuteness. ^^

This little notebook is full of blank pages (perfect for sketches when lightning strikes) and is sooo cute and really well made too! It's bound with blue and white string and the inside covers are covered with orange card to hide when you cover it. I can't wait to pop it in my handbag and use it for all sorts!

It's clear Rui is a very talented lady and I've started following her blog - I adore her clay macaroons she's posted at the moment! I will definitely look at buying some well-made crafts from her when I have some disposable income, so Rui, if you're reading this, your giveaway worked! ^^

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