Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Alton Towers: A Fashion Experiment!

So I've just come back from a super fun Japanese fashion meet at Alton Towers today! Everything leading up to the meet went exceedingly well - one of the girls had 14 £15 tickets and instead of having to get two buses, my lovely friend Adele picked me up from my house. As it was a Japanese fashion meet, I was a bit indecisive as to what to wear. I could wear Lolita but that wouldn't change it from any other meet. I also only have a couple more outfits I can coord together before I have to buy something new. T_T And I've just bought a new Gyaru dress from the lovely Amelie and wanted to take it on its first official outing - Gyaru it was, then! The only thing was, for both outfits, I wasn't sure how to accessorise. I would be heartbroken if I lost any hair clips or detachable accessories and wasn't sure about contacts, false eyelashes, nails, etc. I also didn't want my outfit to look half-done because of all these cutbacks! So I decided to conduct an experiment for the sake of fashion - what exactly can you wear safely at a theme park? Here was my outfit for the day (in addition to a lovely group photo!):

Things I wanted to decide if they were safe or not were: false eyelashes, false nails and circle lenses. Little did I know it'd add stiletto boots to the mix! I didn't think I was going to lose my circle lenses or them fall out but I was worried about getting anything in them and/or them irritating my eyes. Here's my make-up for the day:

We went on Thirteen first, which I wasn't too worried about losing anything on. It was super scary though, I screamed and screamed! Next we went on Rita, which is the fastest rollercoaster in the park, so if I was going to lose anything, it'd be here! Amazingly though, all my false nails stayed on throughout the thrilled gripping and my falsies too! I dabbed a bit more glue on the left inner corner though as it had come off a teeny bit. Unfortunately the rules for Rita were "Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, no stiletto heels allowed" so I wasn't quite sure what would happen. I had no problem taking my shoes off and going barefoot but I didn't realise they were going to make me put on a pair of grubby trainers! XD I wish I had a picture of them but I had to hurry back to my place. After I got off the ride I quickly changed to flat shoes in order to prevent any more fashion faux pas.

We went on a number of awesome rides after that, like Nemesis, Air, Duel, and my favourite, Nemesis Sub Terra! It was a little cashing in on the whole "research facility gone wrong" vibe but was so interactive and scary! I won't give anything away but when the elevator stopped and started being bashed around (although it never actually moved physically) I was grabbing onto the handrail for dear life and screaming "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!". XD It was so real and creepy. XD

After going on all the biggest rollercoasters, I hadn't lost one false nail, eyelash and my eyes weren't irritating me! Oh, want to see the nails I made for the day?

Unfortunately they are much longer than I usually have them and can't do ANYTHING in them. XD I'm sat typing with the tips of my nails even though I know you're not supposed to do that!

But anyway, I digress. After coming home and assessing the damage, my hair was a little messy but that's all! No nails were lost, no eyelashes astray in the great Alton Towers experiment. Take note and use to plan your own awesome theme park outfits but I suggest no stiletto heels (I know it sucks! :-() Unless you want to swap them for some gross, used trainers! D;

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